10 Interesting Fossil Facts

Tuesday, January 28th 2014. | Science

Fossil facts may become your basic info in how to be able to learn about it. There are few people who know about fossil. Therefore, I really want to discuss about it here. The method is by providing facts. Let’s start it below.

Fossil Facts 1: the formation

If you review out there, any hard tissues from bones, teeth, shells, and others may become fossils. It is because any of the softer materials may gain decomposition before becoming the fossil. The most popular one is the fossil of dinosaurs and also ammonites.

Fossil Facts 2: trace fossils

It is true that fossils can also be formed from the remains of any organism activities. Those fossils are called trace fossils. It may also include things such as fossilized feces, burrows, and footprints. These are especially valuable. You need to know more about it.

Fossil Dinosaur

Fossil Dinosaur

Fossil Facts 3: the oldest fossil

You need to know that the oldest fossil noticed is blue-green algae. The fact is that it lived in South Africa for about 3.2 billion years ago. Usually, the habitat was in rocks.

Fossil Facts 4: updated facts

The facts about fossils will always obtain update. You may recognize that Eoraptor used to be the oldest dinosaur known in the society. Yet, there is recent fact that it was a Prosayropod which can be considered as the oldest.

Fossil facts

Fossil facts

Fossil Facts 5: the biggest dinosaur fossil

There is the biggest dinosaur fossil. It is Sauroposeidon. It is believed in having the height of 600 feet. The weigh of this animal is 60 tons. Such weight is the same as 9 elephant.

Fossil Facts 6: the smallest fossil

There is also the smallest fossil. It is the one-celled organism. So, is there any tiniest dinosaur? There is one named Microraptor. I was found in China recently. The size is the same as crow. It is about 12 inches long.

Fossil Look

Fossil Look

Fossil Facts 7: extinction

It is about 65 million years ago. Many species went extinct in the same time. The fact is that asteroid hit our earth. This information was gained by inspecting the fossils.

Fossil Facts 8:  mammals’ fossils

Mostly of fossils from K-T boundary event were mammals. Perhaps it is because the dinosaurs were extinct first.

Fossil Pic

Fossil Pic

Fossil Facts 9: fossil fuels

People commonly believe that fossil fuels come from dinosaurs. It is wrong because it comes from tiny organism called diatoms.

Fossil Facts 10: fossilized diatoms

It is true that toothpaste formulas and also abrasives are made from fossilized diatoms.



Just make sure that you obtain more by gathering better info as well. There will be no disappointment in learning facts about Fossil.

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