10 Interesting Plutonium Facts

Thursday, October 30th 2014. | Science

If you are interesting to learn more about one of the radioactive elements often used in a weapon, you need to check Plutonium Facts. When you check out the periodic table of element, you can find out that this element is symbolized with Pu. It is much easier for use to remember the symbol. Get more facts about plutonium by reading the detail post below:

Plutonium Facts 1: color and texture

Let’s find out the color and texture of plutonium.  The element has a dull finish when it is oxidized on the air. If you check out the pure plutonium, it has a silvery white metal color.

Plutonium Facts 2: the atomic number

If you want to know the atomic number of plutonium, you can check out the periodic table. It is 94. It means that platinum has 94 protons.

Plutonium Element

Plutonium Element

Plutonium Facts 3: pieces of plutonium

The pieces of plutonium are called pyrophoric when they oxidize on the air. You can find out that the outer part of plutonium burns like an ember.

Plutonium Facts 4: allotropes

How many allotropes does plutonium have? This element has 6 allotropes.  The allotrope which has the highest temperature in the seventh one.

Plutonium Facts

Plutonium Facts

Plutonium Facts 5: colorful oxidation

Plutonium can change colors when it is mixed with aqueous solution. It has no stable states.

Plutonium Facts 6: usage

Plutonium is often used to create the nuclear weapons. The bomb used to destroy Nagasaki was created from plutonium. The element can be used in radioisotope thermoelectric generators. The main function of the generator is to power the space craft. Some health pacemakers are equipped with Plutonium 238 to power it.

Plutonium Pic

Plutonium Pic

Plutonium Facts 7: toxic

You have to be careful when you have contact with plutonium. This element is toxic. If you inhale plutonium it can accumulate in our bone marrow. Moreover, you can develop lung cancer.

Plutonium Facts 8: atomic weight

Plutonium has the atomic weight at 244.  It is classified as an actinide. When you find the element in a room temperature, it comes in solid state. The boiling point of plutonium is 5842°F, while the melting point is 1183°F.

Plutonium Pictures

Plutonium Pictures

Plutonium Facts 9: Plutonium-239

The main fissile element of plutonium is Plutonium-239. This element type is used to maintain the chain reaction of nuclear fission.  It is used in nuclear explosive and reactors. Check nuclear weapon facts here.

Plutonium Facts 10: who discovers it?

Plutonium was discovered by several scientists in 1940. Those were Glenn Seaborg, Arthur Wahl, Edwin McMillan, and Joseph Kennedy.



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