10 Interesting Herbal Medicine Facts

Sunday, March 23rd 2014. | Science

Get the right cure for your disease by reading the herbal medicine facts. Herbal medicine is very safe to the life of human being. You will never see any side effect if you choose to consume or use herbal medicine. Most of them are created from plants. Here are the facts about herbal medicine that you need to know:

Herbal Medicine Facts 1: herbs

The herbal medicine that you can find on the store or supermarket is created from the herbs. It can be the seed, barks, twigs, root, bulb, stem, or even leaves of the plants.

Herbal Medicine Facts 2: Herbert

In 1900, the most popular new born boy’s name was Herbert. It was included in the 20th most popular name in United Kingdom. Today, the name is not really popular for it is not included in the 100th most popular name.

Herbal Medicine facts

Herbal Medicine facts

Herbal Medicine Facts 3: restatement

If you look at the Old Testament, you can find 32 references of herbs. The Old Testament only contains five references of herbs.

Herbal Medicine Facts 4: green tea

Green tea is considered as one of the important herbal medicines in the world. You can see that the habit of Japanese people who love to drink green tea have lowered the blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. You can drink it in the morning.

Herbal Medicine Pic

Herbal Medicine Pic

Herbal Medicine Facts 5: tea tree oil

Another herbal medicine that people like to use to cure the pimples is tea tree oil. You can get this oil in various stores. Put a drop of tea tree oil on the pimple to make it small.

Herbal Medicine Facts 6: lavender

The plague was commonly seen in the old time. The people living in the 17th century believed that using lavender on the wrist can protect the body from any disease.

Herbal Medicine Pill

Herbal Medicine Pill

Herbal Medicine Facts 7: the most popular herbs

The most popular herbs that the western people use when cooking the food include thyme, rosemary, basil, sage and parsley.

Herbal Medicine Facts 8: lemon

The herbal medicine that people have used for various purposes is lemon. You can drink lemon juice in the morning for detoxification.  It can increase your immunity system so that there will be no infection or irritation in the body.

Herbal Medicine Types

Herbal Medicine Types

Herbal Medicine Facts 9: honey

During the age of Cleopatra, honey was very famous. It can be used to cure many diseases. The people who have sunburn can make their skin back to normal by applying honey.

Herbal Medicine Facts 10: guava

Guava is one of the most fascinating tropical fruits in the world. It can be used to increase the production of red blood cell in the body. That’s why those who have anemia need to drink a glass of guava juice.



If you want to lower the expense of curing the disease in your body, you can use herbal medicine. You just need to consult with the right therapist. Do you have any suggestion on facts about herbal medicine?

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