10 Interesting Sailing Facts

Thursday, April 23rd 2015. | Sports

Sailing Facts tell you about one of the interesting activities in the world.  The people decide to follow the yacht clubs. Sailing will be a wonderful activity to do in the weekend. You can do it with family and friends.   You need to make sure that you have mastered the skill to sail the boat. If you want changeling activity, you can pick the sail powered passenger. But most people decide to use the sail powered engine.

Sailing Facts 1: the famous girls on sail

The girls who can give you inspiration to sail at young age are Laura Dekker from Holland and Jessica Watson from Australia. Both are 16 years old when they complete the voyages. If you want to know the film documentary of Dekker, you have to watch Maidentrip.

Sailing Facts 2: Abby Sunderland

Abby Sunderland from California also had a fantastic record after she sailed in 2010. However; she had to be rescued because her boat was damaged in the Indian Ocean due to the rough weather. She was 16 at that time.

Sailing Voyages

Sailing Voyages

Sailing Facts 3: the youngest circumnavigator

The youngest circumnavigator record will not be included in the World Sailing Speed Record Council and Guinness book of World Record because it can encourage kids to try this dangerous activity.

Sailing Facts 4: Paul Elvstrom

Paul Elvstrom is considered as the famous successful Olympic sailor. He came from Denmark. Between 1948 and 1960, he won four consecutive gold medals. Get rugby facts here.

Sailing Sport

Sailing Sport

Sailing Facts 5: Ben Ainslie

Ben Ainslie was the sailor from Great Britain who could surpass the record of Paul Elvstrom in 2012. In the Finn class, he took home three gold medals. In Laser class, he won gold and silver. Other famous sailors include Robert Sheidt and Torben Grael. Both were from Brazil.

Sailing Facts 6: the laser

The laser is the singlehanded sailboat with the length at 14 feet. It is lightweight and is good for the young trainer. It can be designed into a race board.

Sailing Sunset

Sailing Sunset

Sailing Facts 7: the popularity of the Laser

People love to have the laser due to the compact and small shape. It gives you great speed due to the light weight. It is simple to rig and easy to transport. It is estimated that 200,000 lasers have been produced in the world.

Sailing Facts 8: the fastest sailing speed

Paul Larsen of Australia took the record of the falsest sailing speed in November 2012. He sailed with the speed at 65.45 knots. It is more than 75 miles per hour.

Sailing Facts

Sailing Facts

Sailing Facts 9: Sailrocket 2

Sailrocket 2 is designed specially by Larsen. Even though the boat designed by Larsen was not practical, it was super fast. Find out another sport in running facts.

Sailing Facts 10: Ancraophobia

It will be difficult for you to become a great sailor if you have the fear of wind or Ancraophobia.

Sailing Pic

Sailing Pic

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