10 Interesting Rugby Facts

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Here are some Rugby Facts if you want to know one of the most popular sports in the world. This rough game is a little bit similar with football. In the beginning of 1800s, rugby has been developed in England’s Rugby School.  This new game occurred after William Webb Ellis caught the ball when he was at Rugby School during a soccer game in 1823. Then he changed the game.  Below are the interesting rugby facts:

Rugby Facts 1: the international rugby match

In 1871, Scotland and England played the first international rugby match. Actually in that year, RFU or Rugby Football Union was established. NU or Northern Rugby Football Union was established due to the professionalism charges to pay the rugby players in 1892.

Rugby Facts 2: players

How many players are there in a rugby team? Each has 15 players. It is a competition between two rugby teams.



Rugby Facts 3: the goal of rugby

The players have to kick or run the ball across the opponent’s goal. Or they can kick the ball to the post. The game is a bit similar too football. But you will never find time out or even forward passing in rugby.

Rugby Facts 4: rugby as Olympic sport

Rugby is played as an Olympic sport four times. The last appearance of rugby in Olympics was in 1924. It appeared for the first time in 1900. Get Olympics facts here.

Rugby Player

Rugby Player

Rugby Facts 5: Rugby Union World Cup

There is an important game of Rugby. It is Rugby Union World Cup. The team who wins the competition will get the Webb Ellis Cup. This sport competition is held every four year.

Rugby Facts 6: Professionalism

In 1898, the professionalism to play rugby was encouraged.  However, the players still did the regular jobs to support their life.

Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball

Rugby Facts 7: the first rugby ball

The shape of the first rugby ball reminds you with a plum. Actually it was made from pig bladder. Then the ball was made in egg shape in the end of 1800s. It was made of rubber inner tubes. Today, the players use the oval shaped ball because it is easier to run, hold and catch. Check a football club in facts about Real Madrid.

Rugby Facts 8: Rugby World Cup

In 1995, the highest score in Rugby World Cup was created by New Zealand and Japan.

Facts about Rugby

Facts about Rugby

Rugby Facts 9: Union’s Five Nations

Union’s Five Nations consist of five nations. It had to change the name in 2000 after Italy joined it and became the sixth nation.

Rugby Facts 10: Gil Evans Whistle

Gil Evans Whistle is the whistle used to start the game in Rugby World Cup. The name was taken from the referee, Gil Evans.

Rugby Game

Rugby Game

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