10 Interesting Baseball Facts

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One of the prominent and popular spots is explained more in baseball facts. Baseball is very popular in America than in European countries. Even though you are not a professional player, you can have a match of baseball with family and friend during the weekend time. It will be a good habit if you can work out the body with fun sport to play in a group. In this post I will show you some interesting facts about baseball.

Baseball Facts 1: Hit by the Ball

If you watch a movie about baseball, probably you recognize a scene where a man or a woman was hit a by ball. Actually in the world, this condition is rarely happened because the chance of people getting hit by a baseball is only 300,000 to 1.

Baseball Facts 2: Cal Hubbard

The only person created in the football and baseball hall of fame is Cal Hubbard. We know that this man had wonderful skill when playing both football and baseball.

Baseball Facts

Baseball Facts

Baseball Facts 3: The First Baseball Game

If you are a fan of baseball, when did the first baseball game played? It was on 19 June 1845 in New York. Another popular sport in US is explained in basketball facts.

Baseball Facts 4: Stadium

There are many stadiums in US used to play baseball matches. The first stadium of baseball is located in Pittsburg. It is called Forbes field. Find another stadium info in football facts.

Baseball Field

Baseball Field

Baseball Facts 5: Nolan Ryan

Most baseball players have not a long career in this sport. We should admire Nolan Ryan.  He is one of the prominent baseball players who were on the field for 27 years.

Baseball Facts 6: National Sport

The United States people consider baseball as their national spot. There is no need to wonder if you find the baseball stadium filled with many fans and supporters when the baseball season begins.

Baseball Players

Baseball Players

Baseball Facts 7: Rules

If you want to become a professional baseball player, what you need to know is the rule and the ways you play the game. It was in 1877 that the first rule book of baseball was issued. From time to time, the content of the baseball rule book was changed.

Baseball Facts 8: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Most prominent baseball players were recorded in National Baseball Hall Of Fame. This hall of fame is located in New York City. It was created in 1935 as a celebration for the 100th anniversary of baseball. You can come here and enjoy the history of baseball, memorabilia and pictures.

baseball success

baseball success

Baseball Facts 9: Carl Edward

Physical appearance is not a big deal when you play baseball. The shortest major league baseball player is Carl Edward. This man only has the height around 3 feet and 7 inches.

Baseball Facts 10: Doc Medich

Doc Medich is not only a good player. He was included in Texas rangers. He also studied medicine. When a fan had a heart attack he could save his life.

Baseball Tools

Baseball Tools

Watching baseball is fun if you do it with family and friends. You can watch it right away from the stadium or TV. Today baseball is not only a sport but it is also a form of business. Are you satisfied with facts about baseball?

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