10 Interesting Cricket Facts

Friday, December 20th 2013. | Sports

Find out the history, famous player and rules to play cricket in the following cricket facts. Cricket is a very popular game in India and other parts for the world. This game is wonderful and fun. In the weekend, people will love to play cricket with friends.

Cricket Facts 1: the famous player

One of the famous players in the world is Sachin Tendulkar. This man is the biggest nominees for the Rajya Sabha.

Cricket Facts 2: the richest cricketer

Sachin owned the name of the richest cricketer in October 1995.  He got a contract with World Tel. It had the worth around Rs 31.5 crore.

Cricket facts

Cricket facts

Cricket Facts 3: hobbies

Sachin has some interesting hobbies. He loves to collect watches and perfumes. The first car that he owns was Maruti-800.

Cricket Facts 4: England

People believe that cricket was originated from England. In the past, people had to raise their sheep in the grass field. Thus, it is possible for them to use a ball there.

Cricket Game

Cricket Game

Cricket Facts 5: the first game of cricket

It is estimated that the first game of cricket was played by the people in 1646. This game was very popular so that people sometimes missed the churches just to play the game.

Cricket Facts 6: pitching a ball

The bat shape was changed by the people from the curvy one into the straight one in 1760s. It is stated that a ball can be pitched through the air easily.

Cricket Match

Cricket Match

Cricket Facts 7: the longest match

The longest match of cricket occurred between South Africa and England in 1939. The final result was a tie after both teams played for 14 days.

Cricket Facts 8: suspended game

The game of cricket was often suspended because of two main causes. Both are the bad light and heavy rain.

Cricket Players

Cricket Players

Cricket Facts 9: achievement

Player can create an achievement and century if a batman scores 100 runs.

Cricket Facts 10: a pig

In the past, it is recorded in the history of a cricket that a pig crossed the field. Thus, people stopped the game. Now there is a rule that the game should not be stopped even though there is an animal entering the field.



Being a cricketer is not a bad job to do. If you are talented, you can be just like Sachin Tendulkar who owns a lot of money. So are you interested reading facts about Cricket?

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