10 Interesting Sumo Wrestling Facts

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If you are interested to know more about the full contact wresting sport, check it on Sumo Wrestling Facts. There is a circular ring or dohyo used as the boundary in the game. If the sumo wrestler is out of this circular ring, he is defeated. The wrestler also loses the game if his hands touch the ground.  When you do sumo wrestling, only the soles of feet touch the ground. Let’s find out other interesting facts about sumo wrestling below:

Sumo Wrestling Facts 1: Japan

Sumo wrestling is native to Japan. The professional sumo wrestling is only practiced in the country. Get facts about Japan here.

Sumo Wrestling Facts 2: the general definition

If you check the general definition of sumo wrestling, it is always called as gendai budo which means a modern Japanese martial art. Actually the general definition is false since sumo has been recognized by the Japanese people since the ancient time.

Sumo Wrestling Japan

Sumo Wrestling Japan

Sumo Wrestling Facts 3: who sets the rules?

The Japanese Sumo Association sets the rules for sumo wrestling.

Sumo Wrestling Facts 4: the sumo training stables

The sumo training stables are called heya in Japanese. The people who want to become a great sumo wrestler should live in this community since the wrestlers should follow the strict tradition which includes the manner of dress as well as the daily meals.

Sumo Wrestling Facts

Sumo Wrestling Facts

Sumo Wrestling Facts 5: the popularity

The popularity of sumo wrestling is still high in Japan despite the presence of high profile controversies. The public attention is very high on the famous sumo wrestlers such as Ichinojo and Endo.

Sumo Wrestling Facts 6: the game

The ring or dohyo is the place where the sumo wrestling will take place. It is located on the platform made of clay and sand. It spans on 175.0 square feet or 16.26 square meters. The diameter of the ring is 14.9 feet or 4.55 meters.

Sumo Wrestling Pic

Sumo Wrestling Pic

Sumo Wrestling Facts 7: the members of Japan Sumo Association

Oyakata is the term used to call the members of Japan Sumo association. They are the only people who train the new wrestlers since all members are the former wrestlers.

Sumo Wrestling Facts 8: the divisions in sumo

There are 6 divisions in sumo. Those are makuuchi, juryo, makushita, sandanme, jonidan, and jonokuchi. The jonidan has around 185 wrestlers.

Sumo Wrestling Match

Sumo Wrestling Match

Sumo Wrestling Facts 9: foreign-born sumo wrestlers

The number of foreign-born sumo wrestlers had enhanced in 1900s. Now it is not only a Japanese sport since many foreign people are attracted with this sport. Check Japanese culture facts here.

Sumo Wrestling Facts 10: the payment and salary

The yokozuna has the salary around 2,820,000. It equals with US$30,500. The maegashira earns 1,309,000 or US$14,000.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

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