10 Interesting Netball Facts

Sunday, August 24th 2014. | Sports

Those who like sport should read Netball Facts. This game is very popular around the world. Many men and women in different ages like to play the sport in their leisure time.  This popular sport is interesting, skillful and exciting. You can play it in the summer season at the weekend with family. But some people in New Zealand decide to play the game during the winter months. Here are facts about netball for you:

Netball Facts 1: playing netball

Netball is a famous sport in New Zealand. It is estimated that 80,000 people like to play the game in some social competitions. In the nationwide, it is estimated that there are more than 1000 clubs of netball. The registered players reach the number of 143,000 people.

Netball Facts 2: organized player

There are five netball zones in New Zealand. The main function of the zone is to administer, develop and promote the game for the community and elite level. If you cannot play this game, you can learn first.

Netball Facts

Netball Facts

Netball Facts 3: organization of netball

Let me give you some examples of organizations of netball in New Zealand. Those include Netball Central, Netball Northern, and Netball Northern.

Netball Facts 4: goal post

Can you guess the height of a goalpost? It is around 3.05 m. You can choose the adjustable goal post if you play with younger players. You can develop the technique to play netball by increasing the height of goal post.

Netball Image

Netball Image

Netball Facts 5: court marking

Don’t forget to notice on the countermarking. It usually comes in white or yellow color.

Netball Facts 6: lines

Let’s talk about the lines in netball. The national netball usually has 2 meter. The recreational netball is in 1.2 meter. The international matches will allow you to have 3 meter lines.

Netball Pic

Netball Pic

Netball Facts 7: ceiling height

If you decide to have the game in indoor area, ensure that the floor to ceiling comes in the measurement at 8 meter.

Netball Facts 8: The Silver Ferns team

There are 12 players in the silver ferns. All of them live and work in separated areas in New Zealand. The main function of this team is to prepare the Netball series.

Netball Players

Netball Players

Netball Facts 9: Netball series

The netball series will be held from August to November. The event will be held in January if the Silver Ferns will go overseas in Jamaica or England.

Netball Facts 10: Commonwealth Games

Do you know that netball is part of the Commonwealth Games? The team will travel into the host country for every four years. Check another sport in Basketball facts.



The players will be happy if they can be the winner in the Netball series. Do you have any question on facts about netball?

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