10 Interesting Skiing Facts

Thursday, August 6th 2015. | Sports

If you want to know the competitive winter sport and recreational activity, you have to check Skiing Facts. Skiing is an amazing sport to do during the winter. You can come to the Alps to enjoy a wonderful skiing activity. You just have to glide the ski to enjoy the fun skiing with family or friends. If you are a very skilled skier, you can follow the winter ski competition. Let’s find out more interesting facts about skiing below:

Skiing Facts 1: the organizations of skiing events

The International Ski Federation and International Olympic Committee establish different kinds of skiing competition in the world.

Skiing Facts 2: the history of skiing

If you think that skiing is a new activity, you are wrong. It has been recognized by the people for more than five millennia. In China, it has been practiced since 600 BC.



Skiing Facts 3: the word ski

The word ski is taken from the Old Norse word from Norway. The meaning of this word is split piece of firewood or wood.

Skiing Facts 4: the Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing is included as a type of skiing. The ski jumping and cross country skiing are included in this discipline. The people can go to the backcountry area or groomed trails when they want to enjoy the cross country skiing. Get facts about mountain climbing here.

Ski Facts

Ski Facts

Skiing Facts 5: the Alpine skiing

Another type of skiing is the Alpine skiing. The people can perform this type of skiing in a ski resort. The skiers will have to ride on the ski lifts to take them to the upper part of the slope.

Skiing Facts 6: the resorts

Many people love to do skiing in the resort because there are a lot of facilities offered such as the ski patrol, ski school glade skiing, après ski and night skiing.

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping

Skiing Facts 7: the early techniques used in skiing

Some of the early techniques used by the skiers include the stem Christie, parallel turn, the stem and tidemark turn.

Skiing Facts 8: the equipments

Some equipment that you have to prepare if you want to do skiing on the snow includes poles, boots, ski suits, helmets, bindings, and skis.

Ski Tour

Ski Tour

Skiing Facts 9: the twin tip ski

If you want the ski which moves backward and forward, you can buy the twin-tip ski. Find out facts about running here.

Skiing Facts 10: skiing without snow

Actually skiing can be done without any snow. You can do skiing by indoor or even outdoor. You can use roller skis or ski stimulators to ski on the dry slope and grasses.

Ski Sport

Ski Sport

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