10 Interesting Running Facts

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Running Facts tell you about one of the most important terrestrial locomotion method which enables us to move fast using the feet. Walking and running is a different activity. When you walk, one foot always steps on the ground. Running comes in different types of acts. The sprinting and jogging activities are included as running. Here are some interesting facts about running for you:

Running Facts 1: the ability to run

The ability of human being to run is not new. It was developed by the ancient men around 2.6 million years ago. This skill was much needed when they wanted to hunt the animals.

Running Facts 2: the running competition

We have running competition in various countries in the world. Actually it might begin in 1829 BCE during the Tailteann Games in Ireland. In 776, the first Olympic Games were conducted.

Facts about Running

Facts about Running

Running Facts 3: the easiest sport

If you want to make the body healthy all of time, running can be a good sport to do every single day. There is no need to wonder that the title of the most accessible sport in the world is applied to running.

Running Facts 4: the evolution

The evolution of the ape like Australopithecus was very important. This early ancestor of human being had the ability to use the two legs to walk upright around a half million years ago.



Running Facts 5: the religious festivals

In the ancient time, the religious festivals were always involved with competitive running. It could be seen in Asia, Egypt, Greece and East African Rift. Find out facts about pilates here.

Running Facts 6: The Tailteann Games

The Tailteann Games were celebrated in Ireland. The main purpose of this festival was to honor the goddess Tailtiu.

Running Pic

Running Pic

Running Facts 7: the two phases

There are two phases involving the running gait in the lower extremity. Both are swing and stance. Actually you can divide it in several terms such as initial swing, terminal swing, absorption and propulsion.

Running Facts 8: the injuries

When you do running, you have to do it properly to avoid any injuries.  The development of plica syndrome, medial tibial stress syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, and patellar tendinopathy is high for those who change the running volume.



Running Facts 9: how to minimize the injuries

The easiest way to minimize the occurrence of injuries when you run is by warming up. Get facts about rugby here.

Running Facts 10: recovery

If you feel that your feet or legs are hurtful after you run, you need to take a break to make sure that they will recover. You can also use ice bath or ice to relieve the muscles.

Running Facts

Running Facts

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