10 Interesting the Paralympics Facts

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The Paralympics Facts will inform the readers about the sport which involves in various types of disabilities. This multisport event is seen in major international competitions in the world. The athletes who have impaired muscle power are allowed to take part in the event. There is no need to wonder that some athletes have spina bifida, post-polio syndrome, and muscular dystrohy. Here are other facts about the Paralympics to notice:

The Paralympics Facts 1: the type of impairments

The types of impairments of the athletes cover the intellectual impairment, vision impairment, ataxia, leg length difference, limb deficiency and many more.

The Paralympics Facts 2: the competition of Paralympics games

The competition of Paralympics is conducted in winter and Summer Paralympics Games. It was conducted for the first time in Seoul, South Korea during the Summer Games in 1988. Now you can spot them in Olympic Games.

the paralympics facts

the paralympics facts

The Paralympics Facts 3: the governing body

IPC or International Paralympics Committee is considered as the international governing body of Paralympics games.

The Paralympics Facts 4: the growth of Paralympics games

In 1948, Paralympics games were conducted by a small gathering of the British veterans who had served in the Second World War. In the beginning of the twenty first century, it becomes a major international event.

the paralympics pic

the paralympics pic

The Paralympics Facts 5: the treatment

The treatment for the non-disabled Olympic athletes and the paralympians is similar. However, the difference of both is spotted in term of funding gap.

The Paralympics Facts 6: the organization of Paralympics games

The organization of Olympic Games and Paralympics games are in similar notion. The deaf athletes called Deaflympics and the athletes with intellectual disabilities are organized by the IOC in Special Olympics World Games.

the paralympics images

the paralympics images

The Paralympics Facts 7: the categories of Paralympics

The athletes compete in several categories because of the different types of disabilities. Check facts about Olympics Games 2016 here.

The Paralympics Facts 8: the eligible impairment types

There are 10 eligible impairment types of disabilities in the Paralympics games. They include the leg length difference, vision impairment, intellectual impairment, limb deficiency, hypertonia, impaired passive range of movement, impaired muscle power, athetosis, ataxia, and short stature.

the paralympics games

the paralympics games

The Paralympics Facts 9: George Eyser

George Eyser was the German American gymnast who received the status as the first athlete with disability who participated in a sport competition. He owned an artificial leg. Get facts about the Olympics 2014 Winter here.

The Paralympics Facts 10: the shooting events

In 1948 and 1952 Summer Olympics, a right-arm amputee athlete from Hungary, Karoly Takacs participated in the shooting events.

the paralympics pictures

the paralympics pictures

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