10 Interesting Facts about Rubbish

Friday, April 10th 2015. | Environment

You can get the information about the waste in the world in Facts about Rubbish. Based on the report in 2003 and 2004, the household in United Kingdom produced 30.5 million tonnes of rubbish. 17 percent of the rubbish was from the recycling process. Actually recycling is a good way for use to lower the amount of waste produced every single day. Let find out more facts about rubbish by reading the following post below:

Facts about Rubbish 1: the types of rubbish

Rubbish is divided into several types. The commercial waste, household waste and demolition waste are included in municipal waste. The industrial waste is included the hazardous waste. The clinical waste is included in biomedical waste. The special hazardous waste is the explosive waste, electronic waste and radioactive waste.

Facts about Rubbish 2: the waste management

The household rubbish can attract different kinds of animals such as insects and rodents if it is not managed properly. They can lead into the presence of worms, plagues and yellow fever. Get facts about renewable energy here.



Facts about Rubbish 3: the hazardous waste

The hazardous waste should be specially managed. If they are burned they can cause different kinds of cancers for human. The exposure of the hazardous waste is very dangerous to human and environment.

Facts about Rubbish 4: more health problems

The people can be exposed to many dangerous health problems if the toxic waste and rubbish contaminate the air, soil, groundwater and surface water.

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Facts about Rubbish 5: global warming

The effect of global warming is increased if the green house gas emission is not properly managed and treated. One gas which contributes to global warming is methane.

Facts about Rubbish 6: awareness

Earth will always become a safe and comfortable place of living for human being if all people concern with the waste management. They should never throw the rubbish everywhere.

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Facts about Rubbish 7: Talloires Declaration

Talloires Declaration has been implemented in various universities in the world to show all people that they concern with waste management program and environment management.

Facts about Rubbish 8: the common waste in the world

Some of the common rubbishes in the world include plastic, bottles of water, paper and aluminum foil. Get plastic bag facts here.

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Facts about Rubbish 9: the organizations

There are various organizations which support the program of the university waste management such as Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and WAMITAB.

Facts about Rubbish 10: pollutions

The air, land and water pollutions should be reduced too if you want to increase the health of the people and reduce the waste.

Do you have any other opinions on facts about rubbish?

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