10 Interesting Recycling Facts

Saturday, July 27th 2013. | Environment

Recycling facts are essential to let you know that the waste in the world is getting increased day by day. The accumulative waste should be recycled to make it useful. Sometimes the waste cannot be decomposed by bacteria. Thus, it will last forever until a hundred year. The e-waste like handphone, computer and other electronic materials should be recycled to avoid any harm effect on human body. Here are the important facts about recycling:

Recycling Facts 1: Trash

There are four pounds of trash produced by each individual every single day. In a year, you can generate the solid waste at 1.5 tons.

Recycling Facts 2: Trash in US

The trash produced by the US people is totally big. It is estimated that the trash produced in 2009 can be used to circle the planet for 24 times.

Recycled Bottles

Recycled Bottles

Recycling Facts 3: Aluminum Recycling Process

Recycling aluminum can give people more energy. By recycling at least 100 aluminum cans, people can use the energy to enlighten the bedroom for 2 weeks. One recycled aluminum can is great to produce energy used to listen to your iPods.

Recycling Facts 4: Recycled Waste

It is stated that the waste produced by human can be recycled 75 percent. However, human being can only recycle 30 percent from the waste.

Recycling Facts

Recycling Facts

Recycling Facts 5: Plastic Bottles

The plastic bottles thrown away by the American people in each hour are 25,000,000 pieces. Now you can imagine how many bottles that the American people throw each month and each year.

Recycling Facts 6: Food Waste

The food waste produced by the world each year is around 21.5 million tons. Actually people can reduce the amount of green gas impact in the world by composting the food waste.  The green gas effect that can be eliminated is just like taking off 2 million vehicles from the road.

Recycling Logo

Recycling Logo

Recycling Facts 7: Paper Recycling

Since 1990, paper recycling has been increased up to 89 percent. It is good news because people now are more concerned about the usage of trees in the world.

Recycling Facts 8: Energy of Aluminum Cans

The industries can save 95 percent of energy used to generate a new aluminum can with new material if they can recycle the old aluminum cans.

Recycling Process

Recycling Process

Recycling Facts 9: Recycling Programs

To save the earth from the trash and waste, a recycling program should be maintained. It is stated that 87 percent American people have used the drop-off paper recycling programs.

Recycling Facts 10: Saving Trees

Trees are not only used as furniture, but also to make paper. We definitely can save 25 million trees every year if the American people can recycle 1/10 newspaper.

Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

It seems that the American people have a lot of waste to throw out.  There were 9 million tons of glasses that the Americans have to eliminate in 2009. Do you want to add more facts about recycling?

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