10 Interesting Fossil Fuel Facts

Tuesday, January 28th 2014. | Environment

Fossil Fuel facts can be your additional knowledge. There are commonly three types of fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and also natural gas. I want to discuss about facts related to those fossil fuels. Just read more below actually.

Fossil Fuel Facts 1: abundant coal

Coal is abundant as fossil resource. It contains carbon mostly. The content of energy may range from 5,000 up to 15,000. It really depends on the coal type. Coal also can be found in any different part of the earth.

Fossil Fuel Facts 2: usage of coal

You need to know about the usage of coal. It is almost 87 percent of coal production is utilized as electricity need. In fact, coal also becomes basic source of energy for many different industries. Coal also becomes beneficial as heating fuel.

Fossil Fuel facts

Fossil Fuel facts

Fossil Fuel Facts 3: coal mining

It is true that coal is mined or gained from the surface of the earth. Yet, there are also people who conduct deep mining. In the aspect of cost, surface mining is lesser than deep mining. It is because deep mining may require tunnels as well as digging shafts.

Fossil Fuel Facts 4: oil

The oil comes from crude oil. It is the mix of oxygen, sulfur impurities, nitrogen, and indeed the hydrocarbons. This is a common fact among people indeed to be recognized.

Fossil Fuel Industry

Fossil Fuel Industry

Fossil Fuel Facts 5: barrel of oil

A barrel of oil can supply or provide approximately 6 million Btu. This is very useful commodity throughout the world.

Fossil Fuel Facts 6: oil consumption

It is no doubt that oil is consumed all over the world. Middle East is the major reserves. It is about 63 percent of oil reserves in Middle East. United States is also the biggest consumer. Mostly, oil is used for the transportation and industries.

Fossil Fuel Pic

Fossil Fuel Pic

Fossil Fuel Facts 7: oil production

Oil is not only for fuels. There are many other usages including pharmaceuticals, inks, tires, plastics, and others.

Fossil Fuel Facts 8:  high tech oil exploration

Nowadays, people have applied high-tech oil exploration technology and also practices. The purpose is to develop more efficient refining effort.

Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel Facts 9: natural gas

Natural gas is also part of fossil fuel. It is the component of both oil and coal formation.

Fossil Fuel Facts 10: usage of natural gas

Natural gas is widely used as the cooking, commercial heating, industrial, and even generation of fuel electricity.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

You can find further facts from books or even internet. Studying facts about Fossil Fuel is important.

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