10 Interesting Natural Vegetation Facts

Thursday, August 21st 2014. | Environment

Get the information about the plants and nature in Natural Vegetation Facts. Natural vegetation can be seen in many parts of the world. But the industries, new residences and farming land make the area of the natural vegetation decreases from time to time. Let’s find out the interesting facts about natural vegetation by reading the following post below:

Natural Vegetation Facts 1: carnivorous plants

It is very unique to know that some plants in the world are carnivorous.  The plants can get food by eating spiders and small insects. The best example of a carnivorous plant is Venus flytrap.

Natural Vegetation Facts 2: New Zealand

If you visit New Zealand, you can find many different types of natural vegetation. Do you know that coconuts palms were once found in the country?

Natural Vegetation Beauty

Natural Vegetation Beauty

Natural Vegetation Facts 3: amber

Amber is the fossilized tree resin. Inside the amber, people can find small animals or even plants materials.

Natural Vegetation Facts 4: bamboo

Bamboo is a part of natural vegetation. It can be found in many tropical countries.  This fast growing plant can reach 3.28 meter in only one day. People use bamboo as the alternative of wood for it is easy to renew. People use bamboo to create floor, chair, table, room partition and other kinds of furniture.

Natural Vegetation Desert

Natural Vegetation Desert

Natural Vegetation Facts 5: carbon dioxide

When plants want to make food, they have photosynthetic process. The main materials that the plants should get for this photosynthetic are sunlight and carbon dioxide. At the end of the process, the plants will produce oxygen.

Natural Vegetation Facts 6: onions

People will use onions when they want to cook delicious food. Onions can give a good taste on the food. However, many people feel painful when chopping the onions. It makes your eyes irritated. When you chop onion, it will releases gas which hurts the eyes. The tears will be produced from the eyes to eliminate the gas.

Natural Vegetation Facts

Natural Vegetation Facts

Natural Vegetation Facts 7: plants

Plants are not only useful for the oxygen production, but also for making food. Do you know that there are 2000 different types of plants used to create food?

Natural Vegetation Facts 8: identified plant species

If we talk about natural vegetation, we will see a lot of types of plants. In the list of the plant species, you can find more than 200,000 identified plants. Find out facts about plants here.

Natural Vegetation Pictures

Natural Vegetation Pictures

Natural Vegetation Facts 9: Poison ivy

Poison ivy produces urushiol. It is a skin irritant which makes human being experience allergy. You can find redness and itchy rash on the skin if you touch it.

Natural Vegetation Facts 10: agricultural industry

Plants are very important in the agricultural industry. People will use the high nutrient soil to farm the crops. The irrigation will be added so that the water can flow in the farm easily.

Natural Vegetations

Natural Vegetations

Talking about the wild natural vegetation, you can go to the rainforest in Kalimantan, Brazil, or even Congo to know the unique plants and animals. Are you impressed with facts about natural vegetation?

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