10 Interesting Rat Facts

Wednesday, January 14th 2015. | Animals

Rat Facts elaborate the information about one of the most hated animals in the world. Do you know that the rats cause billion of dollar damage in the world? This animals damage everything in the apartment, house, building and office. You can find them chewing the electrical wires, spoiling food, biting the sofa and many more. Get more facts about rat below:

Rat Facts 1: Norway rats

Norway rats are often called as the brown rats. You can find them living in New York and many other parts of the world. But they are rarely seen in New Zealand, Arctic, Alberta and Antarctic.

Rat Facts 2: Black Rats

Black Rats can be found in many parts of the world. Once it could be found as the dominant rats in Europe. Many people blamed these rats for the Black Plague.  When the food is very abundant, the population of black rat is increased rapidly.

Rat Image

Rat Image

Rat Facts 3: rat proof house

It is very impossible for you to avoid the rats living inside the house. The animals can fit into the small opening inside your house.

Rat Facts 4: the teeth

The teeth of a rat are very hard. If you look at the Mohs scale, the teeth of a rate are harder if you compare them with steel or iron. Once the rats are inside the house, it will not be easy for you to take them away. It is very easy for them to chew the wood and cinderblock.

Rat Pic

Rat Pic

Rat Facts 5: how to deal with rats

Most people deal with rats by using the dangerous poisons advertised in TV or internet. If you have children at home, you have to be careful with this poison. Find out facts about mice here.

Rat Facts 6: ability to survive

The ability of a rat to survive is very high. They can live in unfortunate condition with scarce of food and water. They can live in the different environments.

Rat White

Rat White

Rat Facts 7: camel or rat

Camel can survive for several days without any waters since they can save the water. Actually the endurance of rat is greater than a camel.

Rat Facts 8: a strong animal

Rat is considered as a strong animal. They can swim in open water for 0.5 mile. Even though the area is filled with large doses of radiation, they can survive. When you fall the rats from the five story building, they will not die.



Rat Facts 9: immunities

The immunities of a rat are increased over the generation. It can resist to poison.

Rat Facts 10: predators

The natural predator is not limited on house cats. Other animals such as snakes, hawks and owls like to eat rats. Get facts about snake here.

Rat Facts

Rat Facts

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