10 Interesting Black Widows Facts

Thursday, November 21st 2013. | Animals

Black widows facts provide the information about one of the harmful spiders in the world. This species can be found mostly in North America. It is better for you to get away from this animal if you see it. You can identify the animal from its color. You can see a red hourglass shape located on its underside. Look at the complete facts about black window in the following post below:

Black Widows Facts 1: venomous bite

The female black widow is more dangerous that the male one. This animal is very well known with its venomous bite. It can make people paralyzed if they are bitten by the female black widow.

Black Widows Facts 2: symptoms of being bitten

If you find that your skin is red if you are bitten by a female black widow. This spider actually is more dangerous if you compare it with rattles snake. The poison on its bite is 15 times stronger than the one found on the rattlesnake.

Black Widow Facts

Black Widow Facts

Black Widows Facts 3: range of areas

Finding black widow is easy. You can find this animal spreading the temperate regions in the world. You can see the in Southern Asia, Southern Europe, United States, African, Australia and South America.

Black Widows Facts 4: habitat

The people living in United States often see the black widow living in the outdoor furniture, rock piles, and fences. They are likely to be found in the west and south of US. If the weather is cold, they will move into the shelter.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widows Facts 5: name

The black widow has the scientific name of Latrodectus mactans.  The animal is included in cobweb spiders.

Black Widows Facts 6: the female black widow

The female one is venomous. It can kill people with its poison. When it comes about the size, the female has a big size.

Black Widows facts

Black Widows facts

Black Widows Facts 7: the male black widow

Just like any other spider, male counterparts have the smaller size compared to the female ones.

Black Widows Facts 8: types of black widows in US

There are three types of black widow that you can find it US. All of them are included in the genus of Latrodectus. Those are the western, eastern and northern black widows.

Black Widows

Black Widows

Black Widows Facts 9: life span

The life span of female black widow is much longer than the male ones. They can live 3 years. The male black widow only lives around two months.

Black Widows Facts 10: appearance of male and female black widow

The female black widow has a shining body. You can see a globular look on its abdomen.  The marking comes in bloody red or orange yellow color.

black widow spider

black widow spider

The male black widow has a light color.  The back of its body features pink or red marking. For protecting their body the legs, these animals are coated with oily substance.  Do you have any comment on facts about black widow?

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