10 Interesting Lion Facts

Sunday, June 9th 2013. | Animals

Probably you are interested to hear more about lion facts. Lion is the king of jungle. The big and powerful look makes people terrifying when seeing a wild lion on the forest, jungle or savannah.  Their sharp teeth can rip your flesh within minutes. This is one of the dangerous animals that you need to avoid when camping on a wild area. Here are some lion facts to know:

Lion Facts 1: Lazy Animal

Even though lion is powerful and strong when catching their prey, they are lazy animals. They will spend 16 up to 20 hours to sleep in the day. When the night comes, they become more active for it is cooler.

Lion Facts 2: Cubs

A baby lion is called cubs. They will be raised by caring lionesses.  When there are neglected cubs on the wild forest, the lionesses want to help them to survive by allowing them to suckle the milk.

Lion Facts

Lion Facts

Lion Facts 3: Lion Roar

When hearing a lion roars, probably you will be so scared for you can hear it up to 8 kilometer away. The roar is the best way for a lion to communicate with others. Another predator to observe can be seen in leopard facts.

Lion Facts 4: Communication of Lion

Lions can communicate using expressive movements and gestures. The common greeting for lions is by nuzzling, rubbing heads and licking. They also use sound for communication. They tend to hiss, maw, snarl and purr.

Lion in Jungle

Lion in Jungle

Lion Facts 5: Wonderful Night Vision

The vision of a lion is absolutely stunning. Compared to human being, their eyes are six times more powerful. That’s why lions can hunt their prey at night successfully.

Lion Facts 6: Lion’s Mane

The characteristic which make a lion look different from other members of cast family is the presence of a mane. A man is not only sued to present the health and powerful statues but also sexual maturity. The lions with darker and denser mane can attract the lionesses.

Lion Roars

Lion Roars

Lion Facts 7: Egyptian Culture

The ancients Egypt culture cannot be separated from a lion. You can see the famous sphinx statues on a pyramid. The ancient culture believes that a lion is symbol of fierceness, power and strength.

Lion Facts 8: Symbols of Lion

Lion is always associated with certain characters. Throughout the history, people use this animal to symbolize the courage, strength, stateliness and royalty.



Lion Facts 9: Physical Appearance of Lion

Lion has unique physical appearance. This carnivorous animal is big and large with a tufted tail, dark mane and tawny coat. Meet another carnivorous animal by reading tiger facts.

Lion Facts 10: Species of Lion

Lion has seven different species. Some of them are white lion, African lion, American lion, mountain lion, Asiatic lion, and cave lion.

Wild Lion

Wild Lion

Lions like to stay on the open woodland. You can find them in Northwest Indian and also Africa. But lions can be seen in other countries too. Hopefully you enjoy reading the facts about lion above.

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