10 Interesting Snake Facts

Monday, September 16th 2013. | Animals

Snake facts present the information about one of the most well-known reptiles in the world. Many people consider snake as a wonderful animal for it comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Thus, many people in the world hunt these animals to get their skin. Here are the fascinating facts about snakes to understand:

Snake Facts 1: Meat Eaters

Snakes are included as a meat eater. This animal is carnivorous. They like eating small animals like bird, mice and rats.

Snake Facts 2: Biting Animal

Snake is not a biting animal. The food that they found is swallowed directly because they cannot bite any food. See rattlesnake facts to know the venomous animal.

Snake  in Red

Snake in Red

Snake Facts 3: Snake Charming Performance

The snake charming performance is used by presenting on the movement not on the sound.

Snake Facts 4: Eyes

When you look at the eyes of snakes, the animals do not have any eyelids. There are no external ears. Snakes only have internal ears.



Snake Facts 5: Flexible Jaws

The jaws of snakes are flexible. They enable the snakes to eat bigger prey than the size of the head.

Snake Facts 6: Constriction

The process of killing the prey conducted by python is called as constriction. What the python will do is wrapping the prey and suffocates it. Look at boa constrictor facts here.

Snake in Black

Snake in Black

Snake Facts 7: Diving Underwater

There is a sea snake living underwater. They dive underwater for a longer time by breathing the air through the skin even though it is only partially.

Snake Facts 8: Python

Python is the longest snake in the world because it can reach the length up to 28 feet or 7.8 meter.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake

Snake Facts 9: Anaconda

The largest snake is Anaconda. This animal is non-venomous. It can be found living in South America. The length of this animal can reach 16 feet or 5 meter.

Snake Facts 10: Habitat

Finding snake in the world is easy to do. You can find it any continents in the world except Antarctica. There are more than 3000 species of snakes. The animals have a very unique body anatomy. The snake can digest large prey and swallow it.

coral snake

coral snake

If you see snake it is better for you to stay from it. There are many poisonous snakes. They kill human being with their bite. Some venomous animals include the black mambas, rattlesnake and cobras. When hunting the animals use their tongue to smell. There are several times in a year, snake sheds their skin. There are some scales of the snake. When you touch the snake skin it is so dry and smooth. The skin is used for different purposes. You can find it used as the main material to make belt, purses, wallet, bags and shoes. The cost for this material is very expensive because of the colorful look, unique texture and durability. The material is very rare so that people cannot get it in affordable price. Do you have any more facts about snake?

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