10 Interesting Mantis Shrimp Facts

Thursday, July 3rd 2014. | Animals

Mantis Shrimp Facts inform you with an interesting under water animal. The peacock mantis shrimps are the famous ones because they have colorful look.  The animals can be found underwater. They come in bright colors which make people attracted. Here are facts about mantis shrimps for you:

Mantis Shrimp Facts 1: color

The mantis shrimps are called as peacock mantis shrimps because they have colorful body. You can find the shades of red, orange, green and blue on the shell. You can find some spots on the forearms.

Mantis Shrimp Facts 2: praying mantis

The shrimps are called with mantis name because they have a similarity with praying mantis.  The body of mantis shrimps is covered with club like appendages. People can also find it on the praying mantis. To attack the prey, the mantis shrimps will use the legs. Find out praying mantis facts here.

Mantis Shrimp Colors

Mantis Shrimp Colors

Mantis Shrimp Facts 3: the amazing clubs

Mantis shrimps are a unique member in the animal kingdom. It can carry clubs strikes at 5 mph in millisecond. Compared to the blink of human being, the mantis shrimps can have one strike 50 times faster.

Mantis Shrimp Facts 4: the complex eyes

The mantis shrimp eyes are very wonderful. Compared to the eyes of human being, they are more valuable. The animals can see 10 times more colors than human being. The great eyesight is very functional when they want to catch the prey.

Mantis Shrimp eyes

Mantis Shrimp eyes

Mantis Shrimp Facts 5: aggressive animals

Even though mantis shrimps are small, they have an aggressive behavior when it comes about protecting the territory.

Mantis Shrimp Facts 6: place of living

You can find many mantis shrimps live in sandy ocean bottom, rocks and coral reefs. There are 400 species of mantis shrimps on the earth. You can find them in Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Mantis Shrimp Facts

Mantis Shrimp Facts

Mantis Shrimp Facts 7: size

As I have stated before, mantis shrimps are a small animal. It can grow in the length of 2 till 7 inches.

Mantis Shrimp Facts 8: diet

Mantis shrimps like to eat mollusks, crabs, and gastropods. But mantis shrimps are often hunted by large fish.

Mantis Shrimp Peacock

Mantis Shrimp Peacock

Mantis Shrimp Facts 9: Smashers

You need to be careful when keeping mantis shrimp inside the glass aquarium. The strong punches of the smashers can break it.

Mantis Shrimp Facts 10: recognition

It is very easy for mantis shrimps to identify the neighbored. They can differentiate it based on the morphological characteristics and smell.

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp

Talking about the life span, there are some species of mantis shrimps which can live up to 20 years. Do you have any questions on facts about mantis shrimp?

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