10 Interesting Mice Facts

Thursday, June 6th 2013. | Animals

Learn more about mice facts if you always deal the animals at home. You can beat them if you know their nature. Mice are considered as a big disturbance in the house. People want to get rid from these animals for they tend to eat many things not only the food in the kitchen but also paper, cable, plastic, upholstery and many more. They can make the appearance of your house look bad. You can make them stay away by having cats. It can be the smartest ways to eliminate all mice. Here are some interesting mice facts to notice:

Mice Facts 1: Nocturnal Animal

Mice are considered as the nocturnal animal for they are more active when the night comes. The hunt of food in the kitchen begins when the night comes and you go to bed.    The mammal can run faster and hide in the dark due to their dark appearance.

Mice Facts 2: Mice Vision

When talking about vision, mice can only see the tones of black and white. They cannot see the shade of colors like we can see.  They cannot see red colors even though they can differentiate blue colors.

Mice Facts

Mice Facts

Mice Facts 3: Mice Diet

When talking about food, mice like to eat fruits and any types of grains. However, they will like to eat anything around them whether it is a mat, table top, books or even cable of your TV.

Mice Facts 4: Clean Mammals

If you think that mice are messy and dirty animals, you are totally wrong. Many people believe these animals live in cluttered condition. Conversely, mice are very neat and clean when arranging their house. They will divide the nest into some rooms to save food and drink. A bathroom and shelter is also separated too. See the types of other mammals in mammal facts.

Mice Nest

Mice Nest

Mice Facts 5: Good Climber

Have you ever seen how mice can climb well in a high roof? It is wonderful for they can do it fast. Even though they are good climbers, they prefer to stay on the ground.

Mice Facts 6: Finding Food

Mice are organized animals. When they want to catch food and water and bring them to their nest, they will make pathway on the foliage and grass.



Mice Facts 7: Pretending Mice

Some mice are smart when they are caught by the predators or human being. They can pretend as if they were dead when they cannot escape from the frightened situation. To know the nature of mice’s enemy, read kitten facts.

Mice Facts 8: Breeding Of Mice

The populations of mice will soon increase from time to time if there are no natural predators which can decrease their population. This condition occurs because mice can breed anytime within a year. There is no season matting time.  When the mice are 2 months, they are ready to breed.

Nest of Mice

Nest of Mice

Mice Facts 9: Gestation Period

The female mice only need 21 days for the gestation period. It is totally quick. Imagine how a woman needs at least 9 months for the gestation period.

Mice Facts 10: New Born Mice

The new born mice are delivered with closed eyes, ears and hairless.

Small Mice

Small Mice

Even though mice can breed faster, they can only live for about 2 until 3 months because of natural predators. Hopefully, you are amazed with the facts about mice above.

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