10 Interesting Green Sea Turtle Facts

Friday, September 13th 2013. | Animals

Green sea turtle facts give the information about one of the reptiles living on the ocean.  Even though land turtle and Green Sea turtle live in different habitat, both are still related each other. If you want to know the similarity and difference about land turtles and sea turtles, read the following facts below:

Green Sea Turtle Facts 1: Class Reptile

Green sea turtles are included in the class of reptilian. They lay egg and are included in cool blooded animal. The animals breathe through their hearts.  Most of them have 3 or 4 chambers of heart.

Green Sea Turtle Facts 2: Land Turtles

Green sea turtles have some similarities with land turtles even though both living in different part of the world. The land turtles such as tortoises, pond turtles and snapping turtles have a shell and a horny covering on the jaw. Both tortoises and turtles do not have any teeth.

Green Sea Turtle Facts

Green Sea Turtle Facts

Green Sea Turtle Facts 3: Swimming

Since green sea turtles live in the ocean, the swimming capability is wonderful. The body is adapted for swimming. Read jellyfish facts to get ideas about unerwater animal.

Green Sea Turtle Facts 4: Flipper

The animal is equipped with upper shell and carapace to help them swimming under water.  The flipper is helpful for the body movement inside the water.

Green Sea Turtle in Ocean

Green Sea Turtle in Ocean

Green Sea Turtle Facts 5: Size of Green Sea Turtle

The size of green sea turtle is varied. In average, they have the length around 2 until 6 feet. If you want to know the largest species for sea turtle, it is taking by leatherback turtle.

Green Sea Turtle Facts 6: Eggs

The green sea turtles lay eggs on the beach shore. The animals are included as oviparous animals. The sexuality is mature when the green sea turtles have the age around 5 until 35 years old. The male and female green sea turtles will mate in offshore area. The female which carries the egg will go to the beach shore to lay the eggs.

sea turtle

sea turtle

Green Sea Turtle Facts 7: Endangered Species

Green sea turtles are included as one of the endangered species of sea turtles. There are several species of seas turtles. Six for them are endangered except the flatback sea turtle. Look at another endangered animal in sea otter facts.

Green Sea Turtle Facts 8: Causes of Population Decrease for Green Sea Turtle

The population of green sea turtle is decreased because of loss of nesting habitat, marine debris, environmental issue, gas and oil development, climate change, boat traffic, and fishing gear.

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle Facts 9: Life Span

Most green sea turtles can live longer. Their life span is around 70 until 80 years old.

Green Sea Turtle Facts 10: Migration

Migration is very important for green sea turtles. They like travelling to reach a long distance. The animals have to travel between the mating ground and hatching place.

Green Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtles

The gender of green sea turtle can be determined based on the temperature of the nest. The warm temperature is great for the female turtle, while cool environment is for the male turtle. Do you have any question on facts about green sea turtle?

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