10 Interesting Pill Bug Facts

Saturday, October 18th 2014. | Animals

Pill Bug Facts provide the interesting information about the animal in the world.  It has various names. You can call it armadillo bug, wood louse, rely poly, or even potato bug. This animal is seen as an amazing creature. You can find it hiding beneath the flower pots. Find out more ideas about pill bug in the following post below:

Pill Bug Facts 1: not an insect

If you think that a pill bug is an insect, you are totally wrong. This animal is included as a crustacean. Rather than having a close relation with insect, this animal is closely related to crayfish and shrimp. It is included in the subphylum of Crustacean. Get facts about insects here.

Pill Bug Facts 2: gills

Human being breathes through nose. But pill bug uses the gill to breathe.  The pill bug should live in the moist environment to breathe. If you place them inside the submerged water, they will never survive.

Pill Bug Balls

Pill Bug Balls

Pill Bug Facts 3: molting

The pill bug is very fascinating. You can find them having one molting in two sections. The first section of the shedding occurred at the back half of the exoskeleton. Then the front section will be shed off few days later.

Pill Bug Facts 4: the molting time

If you want to know whether the pill bugs is molting or not, you can check out the color of the body. It is the middle of molting if it has brown or gray color at one end, and pink color at another end.

Pill Bug Black

Pill Bug Black

Pill Bug Facts 5: pill bug mother

The eggs will be carried by the pill bugs mother in a pouch. This special pouch is located at the underside of the billbug. You can call it marsupium.

Pill Bug Facts 6: urine

Most animals will urinate to eliminate the waste and ammonia inside the body. But pill bugs do not have to do it because the body can tolerate the ammonia gas.

Pill Bug Facts

Pill Bug Facts

Pill Bug Facts 7: anus

Don’t be surprised when you find out that pill bug can drink using their anus. The water can be absorbed through the rear end since it has uropods.

Pill Bug Facts 8: the blood color

The blood does not always come in red color. You can find it in blue color. If you check out the blood of Crustaceans including pill bug, it has blue blood.

Pill Bug

Pill Bug

Pill Bug Facts 9: viral infection

Pill bug can be infected by virus.  The sick one usually has bright blue color.

Pill Bug Facts 10: coprophagy

Coprophagy is conducted by pill bug. This activity is seen by eating its own poop.

Pill Bugs

Pill Bugs

When the pill bugs feel threatened, the will roll up the body. Kids love to play with the tight ball. What do you think on facts about pill bug?

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