10 Interesting Birds of Prey Facts

Thursday, November 21st 2013. | Animals

If you want to know more about one of the unique birds in the world, look at the birds of prey facts. The beak is different with any other birds that you have met before. It has a hooked style. This beak can be used to tear the flesh of the prey. Find out more facts in the following post below:

Birds of Prey Facts 1: the bird of prey’s legs

The legs of the bird of prey are different because they are fitted with talons. They have the shape like claws. The talons are functional to catch bigger animals.

Birds of Prey Facts 2: Caracas

Caracas is one of the birds of prey which is included in the family Falconidae. This type of bird is included as a diurnal animal.

Birds of Prey facts

Birds of Prey facts

Birds of Prey Facts 3: gizzard

Gizzard is an organ located in a body of an owl. The function of this organ is to digest food, sensory organ and regurgitates fur. The location of gizzard is between the kidney and heart.

Birds of Prey Facts 4: nocturnal animal

Not all of birds are diurnal animal. Some of them are included as a nocturnal animal. It means that the birds are active during the night.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Facts 5: peregrine falcons

Peregrine falcons can be seen in California. The bird is reduced in number because of the pesticide called DDT. DDT usage in the farm makes the eggs of Falcon die before they can hatch.

Birds of Prey Facts 6: diet of owl

There are many kinds of food that birds of prey such as owls like to eat. Some of them include rabbit, mice and rats.

Birds of Prey's Eyes

Birds of Prey’s Eyes

Birds of Prey Facts 7: osprey

Many people call osprey as a sea hawk. This animal is a diurnal bird which likes to eat fish.  To catch fish, the animals can dive under water because they have waxed feathers.

Birds of Prey Facts 8: the smallest bird of prey

Do you know that the smallest bird of prey in the world is black legged falconet? You can find the animal living in Southwest Asia. You are wrong if you think that hummingbird is a bird of prey.

photos of Birds of Prey

photos of Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Facts 9:  Andean condor

Andean condor is the heaviest bird of prey in the world. The male species can reach the weight around 20 to 27 pounds.

Birds of Prey Facts 10: wingspan of birds of prey

Andean condors have 10 feet wingspan. They like eating carrions.

pictures of  Birds of Prey

pictures of Birds of Prey

Some examples of bird of preys include falcon, Andrean connoer, and owls. Hopefully you can enjoy reading facts about bird of prey.

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