10 Interesting Dachshund Facts

Monday, December 23rd 2013. | Animals

Those who love dogs need to look at the dachshund facts. People love to have dachshund as a pet at home. You can have the kids to play with this dog. You will never make your kid lonely at home if he or she has a friend to play with. Find out the detail about dachshund in the following post below:

Dachshund Facts 1: description

When we talk about the physical appearance of dachshund, you can find out that this dog breed is very unique.  The legs of this dog are very short. It has long ears which can hang up to the cheek. However, the body is very long.

Dachshund Facts 2: types of dachshund

If you want to give the kids a gift for this New Year or Christmas celebration, you need to note on the types of Dachshund. There are three kinds of dachshund that you can find on the pet stores. Those are the wired hair dachshund, the short haired dachshund, and long haired dachshund. If you want to have a simple maintenance, the short gained one is a good decision.

Dachshund Cute

Dachshund Cute

Dachshund Facts 3: family pet

There are many people who state that dachshund is a good family pet.

Dachshund Facts 4: temperament

What about the temperament of dachshund? This animal is very lively, intelligent and headstrong.

Dachshund dog

Dachshund dog

Dachshund Facts 5: weight

The weight of dachshund is around 12 to 32 pounds.

Dachshund Facts 6: height

As I have stated before dachshund has a very short lge. That’s why this animal only has the height around 1 to 11 inches to the shoulder.

Dachshund facts

Dachshund facts

Dachshund Facts 7: Origin of the breed

The origin of dachshund breed comes from Germany. Actually the main purpose of this dog is to hunt for small games. It can be trained to hunt boars, rabbits, hares and board.

Dachshund Facts 8: name

The name dachshund is derived from German language. In English, it means badger dog.

Dachshund on white background

Dachshund on white background

Dachshund Facts 9: nickname

Just like other kinds of dog breed, it has different nicknames. You can call it the hod dog or the sausage hot dog.

Dachshund Facts 10: color of coat

The coat of dachshund is various. You can find the wire, short or even long one. The color is also numerous. You can find dachshund in black, brown or golden color.



Dachshund is included in the hound dog breed. If you decide to have a new family pet, you can pick this dog breed. Are you fascinated with facts about dachshund?

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