10 Interesting Sparrow Facts

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Sparrow Facts talk about the birds included in the Passeridae family. People often call the birds as Old World sparrows or true Sparrow. If you think that sparrow is similar with the Java sparrow and American sparrow, you are wrong. Both are included in different families. You can find the sparrow building the nest some residential buildings. Get more facts about sparrow below:

Sparrow Facts 1: the diet

Sparrow eats mainly on seed. But you can find them eating small insects when the seeds are rare. Some species of sparrow are spotted eating the food left by other animals around the cities.

Sparrow Facts 2: the appearance of sparrow

Let’s find out the appearance of sparrow. It has the short tail, brown grey body color, small body and powerful beaks.

Sparrow Facts

Sparrow Facts

Sparrow Facts 3: the size of sparrow

The size of sparrow is different based on the species. The parrot billed sparrow has the weight at 1.5 oz or 42 grams. The length is 7.1 inches or 18 cm. If you check the chestnut sparrow, it has the weight at 0.47 oz or 13.4 grams. The length is at 4.5 inches or 11.4 cm.

Sparrow Facts 4: the origin of sparrow

Sparrow is originated from Asia, Africa and Europe. There are some species of sparrow imported to countries such as Austria and Americas. Therefore, it is easy for you to find sparrow in many parts of the world.

Sparrow Pic

Sparrow Pic

Sparrow Facts 5: the house sparrow

It is very easy to find out the house sparrow in many parts of North America.  You can also spot sparrow in Australia. But you will not find the house sparrow in eastern and southern Africa and Western Australia.

Sparrow Facts 6: the open habitat

Sparrow likes to live in the open habitat such as in the scrubland, desert, and grasslands. The sparrow which likes to live in high altitude is ground-sparrows and snowfinches.



Sparrow Facts 7: The aberrant cinnamon ibon

The habitat for the aberrant cinnamon ibon is located in unique place. You can find them living in Philippine in the canopy of cloud forest. Check facts about kiwi bird here.

Sparrow Facts 8: the open woodland

If you want to know the sparrow which inhabits the open woodland, you can check the Eurasian tree sparrow.

Sparrow Beauty

Sparrow Beauty

Sparrow Facts 9: the social birds

Sparrow is considered as a social bird. You can find them living in a small family group during the non breeding season. When the breeding season comes, they live in solitary pairs.  Get facts about Mockingbird here.

Sparrow Facts 10: dust bathing

The dust bathing is often conducted by sparrow. You can also find them bathing in the melting snow or water.

Sparrow Bird

Sparrow Bird

Are you impressed reading facts about sparrow?

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