10 Interesting Popcorn Facts

Sunday, November 16th 2014. | Food

Popcorn Facts tell you about the most popular food in America. You can celebrate the national popcorn popping month in October. If you go to the movie theater, you must remember popcorn. This food is very delicious and yummy. You can get it in various tastes. Here are some popcorn facts for you:

Popcorn Facts 1: the oldest ears of popcorn

Let me show you the record for the oldest ears of popcorn. It was found in a New Mexico cave in 1948 and 1950. The age of the ears are estimated around 4,000 years old. The size is ranging around 2 inches.

Popcorn Facts 2: breakfast

Most people eat popcorn when they are watching movies in the cinema or at home. During the colonial times in America, people eat it for their breakfast. They mixed popcorn with cream, sugars or milk. Check out another popular food in pancake facts.

Popcorn and Buttercream

Popcorn and Buttercream

Popcorn Facts 3: how the popcorn works?

Making popcorn is very easy if you know the way the kernel works. The water on each kernel will turn into steam when the kernel is heated. Since the steam cannot escape easily from the kernel, it produces the pop sound.

Popcorn Facts 4: microwave popcorn

The inventor of microwave popcorn was Percy Spencer. This man got the idea to make microwave popcorn after he used a magnetron for popping popcorn. Today if you have microwave, you can use it to make popcorn.

Popcorn Bowl

Popcorn Bowl

Popcorn Facts 5: popcorn production

It was very silly to know that the production of popcorn is nearly forbidden during the World War II since it was considered as a non essential food. But there were some people who disagreed and created a National Popcorn Association.  The war production board finally declared it as an essential food.

Popcorn Facts 6: Orville Redenbacher

Orville Redenbacher is one of the important agricultural scientists. He created the snowflake kernels which made the fluffier and lighter popcorn.

Popcorn Picture

Popcorn Picture

Popcorn Facts 7: Cracker Jack

In 1893, Cracker Jack was introduced for the first time in World’s Fair in Chicago. Cracker Jack is a kind of popcorn and peanuts coated with caramel.

Popcorn Facts 8: movie

Popcorn is always associated with movies. At first, popcorn was sold outside the cinema. But now it is sold inside the cinema.



Popcorn Facts 9: the biggest producer of popcorn

Can you guess the biggest product of Popcorn? It is United States. Nebraska is called as the biggest producer in United States. Another food that American people like to eat is explained in pizza facts.

Popcorn Facts 10: eating popcorn

The report stated that 68 quarts of popcorn are eaten by the American people each year.



What do you think on facts about popcorn?

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