10 Interesting Junk Food Facts

Wednesday, May 14th 2014. | Food

Junk Food facts inform you with the disadvantages of junk food consumption.  In this modern day, people like to eat junk food because it is instant and easy to serve on the table. You do not need to spend much time to cook the food. However, it gives bad impact to the health of the body. Read the following post about junk food facts below:

Junk Food Facts 1: little nutritional value

Junk food only gives people with little nutritional value. The food contains high sugar, fat, calories, caffeine and salt. The people who eat junk food a lot are prone to obesity. If you want to keep the body slim and sexy, reduce the intake of junk food.

Junk Food Facts 2: kinds of junk food

There are many kinds of junk food that you can see on the instant food restaurant. You need to reduce the intake of sodas, ice cream, hot dogs, sweet dessert, cookies, candies, cereals, French fries, gums, candies, cake, chips, and hamburgers. Read ice cream facts here.

junk food candies

junk food candies

Junk Food Facts 3: term

The word junk food was coined in 1960. The popularity of this word increased after a song with the title Junk Food Junkie was on 1976 top chart.

Junk Food Facts 4: disease

With the high amount of junk food intake, you make the risk of having diseases increased.  The diseases include tooth decay, cancers, high blood cancer, heart disease and obesity.

junk food facts

junk food facts

Junk Food Facts 5: candies

Even though people know that candies are not good for their health, this junk food is still popular among kids. The sales of candy are more than 2 billion pieces during the Halloween day.

Junk Food Facts 6: ads

If you watch TV, you can find out a lot of junk food ads on TV. In the Saturday morning cartoon, you find out that on per 10 minutes of cartoon, there were at least 8 ads of junk food for kids.

junk food obesity

junk food obesity

Junk Food Facts 7: Doughnuts

Another junk food which contains a lot of sugar is Doughnuts. The food was originated from Germany. The Dutch settlers brought this food in New York City. Every day, there are 6.4 million donuts sold by Dunkin Donuts.

Junk Food Facts 8: Easter candies

During the Easter day, the American people were very consumptive to buy the Easter candies. The sales of the candy can reach 2 billion. It consists of 700 million marshmallow peeps, 16 billion jelly beans and 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies.

junk food

junk food

Junk Food Facts 9: Corn dextrin

One of the dangerous ingredients that people can find in many junk foods is Corn dextrin. This item actually is used to glue the stamps and envelopes. The junk food will be thick if it is mixed with Corn dextrin.

Junk Food Facts 10: Alloxen

Another dangerous ingredient of junk food is Alloxen. The research indicates that too much Alloxen can destroy the function of pancreatic betta cells in the healthy experiment animal.  The main function of Alloxen is to bleach the junk food in white color.

junk foods

junk foods

The young women who want to reduce the risk for developing PCOS or Polysyctis Ovarian syndrome need to have healthy diet and avoid junk food. Do you have any option to stare on facts about junk food with us?

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