10 Interesting Peanut Butter Facts

Wednesday, October 1st 2014. | Food

If you want to know one of the healthy and popular foods in America, you have to check Peanut Butter Facts. Peanut butter is very delicious. You can eat it right away or you can mix it with other foods such as sandwiches and bread.  In the following post below, you can get information about the nutritional value as well as the health benefits of peanut butter:

Peanut Butter Facts 1: the amount of peanut

The industry has to use 540 pieces of peanuts when they want to make a peanut butter in the weight of 12 ounces. I just can’t imagine if I have to make this peanut butter at home without using any peanut butter machine. It will be very difficult.

Peanut Butter Facts 2: peanuts butter consumption in America

Peanut butter is very popular in America. Every year, each American person eats at least 6 to 7 pounds of peanut butter.

Peanut Butter  Image

Peanut Butter Image

Peanut Butter Facts 3: the highest producer of Peanut butter

Can you tell me the state called as the highest producer of peanut butter? It is located in Wisconsin. But the country is also called as the highest consumer and producer of peanut butter on earth.

Peanut Butter Facts 4: the most used food items

If you come to America, there is no need to wonder that you find a lot of people eating peanut butter. It is considered as one of the most used food items in American household. If you look at the pantry of American household, they must have at least one peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Bottles

Peanut Butter Bottles

Peanut Butter Facts 5: the cost

Each year, the American people used $800 million to buy the peanut butter. Therefore, peanut butter is called as one of the largest industries in the country.

Peanut Butter Facts 6: the famous people

If we talk about peanut butter, we should also talk about the famous people who contributed a lot of with the production of peanut butter. Both were the former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Thomas Jefferson. Do you know that both of them were peanuts farmers?

Peanut Butter Delicious

Peanut Butter Delicious

Peanut Butter Facts 7: the American child

Peanut butter is not only popular among adults but also among kids. To go to school, the American kid often takes 1500 peanuts butter sandwiches to school.

Peanut Butter Facts 8: Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia is a term used to call the phobia faced by the people who are afraid that the peanut butter will be stuck on the mouth roof.

Peanut Butter Pic

Peanut Butter Pic

Peanut Butter Facts 9: the healthy food

People believe that peanut butter is very healthy for the body. You can get 30 essential nutrients by eating peanut butter. Get it on the supermarket.

Peanut Butter Facts 10: types of peanut butter

The creamy peanut butter is very popular among the people living on the eastern cost of America. Find out more facts about peanut here.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

The crunchy peanut butter is very popular among the American people living on the West Coast. Do you want to give comment on facts about Peanut butter?

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