10 Interesting Italian Food Facts

Sunday, April 13th 2014. | Food

Find out the explanation about one of the best foods in the world in Italian food facts. Italian food is always delicious. People love to have Pizza and spaghetti. There are many kinds of cheese that you can try here. You can have mozzarella or parmesan cheese. Here are the interesting facts about Italian food.

Italian Food Facts 1: Fetuccini All’Alfredo

If you love pasta, you can eat the best one in II Vero Alfredo Restaurant.  It is the home to the famous Fetuccini All’Alfredo. The location of this restaurant is in Rome. When you visit another restaurant, you should never request this pasta.

Italian Food Facts 2: Bolognese

Many people misunderstand Bolognese. People think that Bolognese is spaghetti served with meatball and tomato sauce. Actually Bolognese is created from ragu by combining fresh bacon, cow’s plate section, celery, carrto, meat broth, tomato paste, salt, milk, dry wine, pepper and carrot.

Italian Food

Italian Food

Italian Food Facts 3: Pizzas

One of the famous foods from Italy is Pizza. Even though you can’t go to Italy, you can eat the delicious pizza from Pizza hut. The traditional pizza in Italy is always thin. You can eat it using your hands. You do not need any fork and knife.

Italian Food Facts 4: Napoletana Pizzas

One of the traditional Italian pizzas is Napoletana Pizzas. The topping of this pizza is created from basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. This pizza is not greasy.

Italian Food facts

Italian Food facts

Italian Food Facts 5: Lazio style pizzas

Compared to the Napoletana pizzas, Lazio style pizza is thicker. It comes in rectangular shape. You can find this pizza sold in many streets in Italy.

Italian Food Facts 6: how to eat pizza

The Italian way to eat Pizza is not using a knife and fork. You need to use your hands. Before you put it in your mouth, you can fold the pizza first.

Italian Food Pizza

Italian Food Pizza

Italian Food Facts 7: Pepperoni pizza

If you like with the Italian way of ordering pizza, you should never request pepperoni Pizza. If you ask a pepperoni pizza in Italy, you will be served with a pizza with bell peppers. The pepperoni pizza sounds American.

Italian Food Facts 8: Quattro Formaggio pizzas

A Quattro Formaggio pizza is one of the complicated pizzas in Italy. We can only say that the pizza is authentic if a Quattro Formaggio pizza is created by using four of 400 cheeses in Italy. Most chefs will use pecorino, Mozzarella, provolone and gorgonzola.

Italian Foods

Italian Foods

Italian Food Facts 9: Caesar Salad

It is a big mistake to call the Caesar salad as an Italian salary. Even though the name of the salad reminds people with the Roman general, it is not the national salad from Italy.

Italian Food Facts 10: Espresso

One of this most popular Italian methods to serve coffee is called Espresso.

Italian Food Taste

Italian Food Taste

After you have the main meal, you need to try the Italian deserts. Some of them include panna cotta, tiramisu and gelato. Do you what to share opinion on facts about Italian food?

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