10 Interesting Indian Food Facts

Tuesday, April 8th 2014. | Food

Let me tell you the Indian food facts if you like to know the delicious food from this rich country. India is not only famous because of the music, dance, and clothing, but also the food. You can find the Indian food not only in India but also in Japan, America, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Indian food is always spicy so that you need to be careful if your stomach is very sensitive. Here are some facts about Indian food to know.

Indian Food Facts 1: Biryani

The Indian food which is used for a huge family diner is Biryani. This dish is created from the aromatic rice.  It is created by mixing the rice with marinated murron or chicken, spices and saffron.

Indian Food Facts 2: Momos

Another type of Indian food that you can eat is momos. The dish is originated from the north eastern states. The Indian people will eat momos with red chutney. This dish can be served for the evening snack.

Indian Food Delicious

Indian Food Delicious

Indian Food Facts 3: Gulab jaamun

Gulab jaamun is a good Indian desert.  The shape of this desert is in small ball shape. It will be boiled inside sugar syrup with dried milk.

Indian Food Facts 4: Chole bhature

Chole bhature is perfect for the people who want to enjoy a simple Sunday breakfast. This curried chickpea dish usually is served with flour bread.

Indian Food fact

Indian Food fact

Indian Food Facts 5: Idli

If you want to taste the south Indian breakfast, you can try Idli. This food is created from the lentils and ground rice.

Indian Food Facts 6: Indian cuisine

The survey states that 30 percent of the Indian people are the regular meat eater. However, 35 percent of them are the strict vegetarians.

Indian Food facts

Indian Food facts

Indian Food Facts 7: spicy food

It is true to stay that most Indian foods are spicy even though the Indian food is always linked based on the region.

Indian Food Facts 8: Indian curries

Indian curries are cooked based on the region in this country. But most of curries are created by mixing tomatoes, ginger, onions, mustard oil, gingili oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, and garlic.

Indian Food

Indian Food

Indian Food Facts 9: seasoning and pieces

The most important seasonings that Indian people used when cooking include pepper, dinger and cloves. Pepper is used to treat the throat ailment, while cloves are great to make the digestion system healthy.

Indian Food Facts 10: Kulfis

If you want to know the traditional Indian ice cream, you can eat Kulfis. It is made from the frozen sweetened milk or cream. It is served in small metal cans.

Indian Foods

Indian Foods

The Indian ice cream can come in some favors such as cardamom and mango. Are you fascinated with facts about Indian food?

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