10 Interesting Chocolate Facts

Wednesday, September 11th 2013. | Food

If you are chocolate lovers, it will be great to read about chocolate facts. Chocolate is a favorite food for some people whether they are adults or kids. You will be happy after you eat chocolate. During the valentine days, many people give chocolate to their friends, family and the beloved ones. Here are some interesting chocolate facts if you want to know the history about this sweet and delicious food:

Chocolate Facts 1: Hershey’s

One of the main producers of chocolate in the world is Hershey’s.  In a day, it can generate more than 80 million chocolate kisses.

Chocolate Facts 2: Cadbury

When you hear the word Cadbury, you will know that we talk about chocolate.  It is an English chocolate company .There is no need to wonder if Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in the world in 1842.

Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Facts 3: Cacao

The main item that people used to make chocolate is cacao. The plant is originated from South and Central American for about 4000 years ago. However, the largest producer of cacao is not located in America but in Africa because almost 70 percent cacao is grown here. The single largest producer for cacao is Cote d’lvoire. It can serve the world supply for almost 40 percent.

Chocolate Facts 4: Cacao Trees

Cacao is also associated with mystical characters in the past. The Latin people consider cacao tree as the food for the good. There is no need to be surprised when you find that chocolate in the past was always linked with medicine, magical and mystical characters. Another important tree is found in apple facts.

Chocolate Cadbury

Chocolate Cadbury

Chocolate Facts 5: Chocolate Market

The popularity of chocolate will never vanish in the future.  Many economic reports predict that the global market of chocolate will grow from $83.2 billion in 2010 to $98.3 billion in 2016.

Chocolate Facts 6: Life of Cocoa Trees

Cocoa trees have longer life span. They can reach the age of 200 years old. However, the chocolate that people can get from the tree can only last for 25 years to come.

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Facts 7: Growth of Cocoa Trees

There are three main regions that people like to have cocoa trees. Those are central and south American, Africa, and Oceania or Southwest Asia.

Chocolate Facts 8: Cacao Beans

There are 2,500 beans produced by every cacao tree. The first bean will be produced if the cacao tree has grown for about 4 until 5 years.

Chocolate in Different Colors

Chocolate in Different Colors

Chocolate Facts 9: Milk

Cacao is used by many producers to make chocolate milk. It is estimated that 3.5 million pounds of whole milk is used in day to create milk chocolate in Unites States. To find out the benefits of chocolate, see nutrition facts.

Chocolate Facts 10:  One Pounds Chocolate

To create one pound chocolate, the manufacturer needs at least 400 beans.



You are wrong if you think that German chocolate cake was originated from Germany. It has nothing to do with any German. The name was derived from Sam German. He is an American. Do you have any questions on facts about chocolate?

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