10 Interesting Ice Cream Facts

Thursday, April 3rd 2014. | Food

If you want to know more about one of the most popular foods in the world, read the ice cream facts.  Many people love to eat ice cream. It has various tastes. You can have the one with chocolate, vanilla and fruit. The price of the ice cream is also various. Sometimes, you have to pay a lot when you buy the ice cream from the five star hotels. Look at some ice cream facts below for a surprising reality:

Ice Cream Facts 1: origin of ice cream

Let’s talk about the origin of ice cream. Some people think that the origin of ice cream occurred in AD 54-68. The rumor stated that it was the roman emperor Named Nero wanted his slaves to get him a snow combined with honey, fruit pulp and nectar. This food sounds like an ancient ice cream.

Ice Cream Facts 2: China

Another story of the origin of ice cream comes from China.  This ice cream is stated to be the food for the ruler in the country.  The ice cream is created from ice mixed with camphor, flavor and koumiss.

Ice Cream facts

Ice Cream facts

Ice Cream Facts 3: ice cream consumption

It seems that ice cream is one of the most popular dishes in USA. It is stated that they eat at least 20 quarts of ice cream in a year.

Ice Cream Facts 4: flavor

Ice cream comes in many flavors. You can see chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. The most popular one is vanilla flour. The chocolate flour comes in the second position.

Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream Facts 5: the largest ice cream

The record of the largest ice cream in the world was created by the people from Italy named Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti. The height of the ice cream cone is 9 feet 2.63 inches or 2.81 meters.

Ice Cream Facts 6: Rimini Fiera

Vecchia and Andrighetti created the largest ice cream cone to support the Rimini Fiera festival on 11th January 2012 in Italy.

Ice Cream Scoops

Ice Cream Scoops

Ice Cream Facts 7: internal cone

Eating the ice cream from the cone is delicious. The ice created by the Italian men in Rimini festival is from wafer. The ice cream is decorated with 2000 round wafer biscuits and 700 kg white chocolate cone.

Ice Cream Facts 8: flavor

The chocolate and vanilla flavors are common to see in many ice cream cafes. You can see the unique tastes of ice cream in the world. Some of them come in beer, pepperoni pizza and maple bacon flavors.

Ice Cream wafel

Ice Cream wafel

Ice Cream Facts 9: ice cream cone

Talking about the ice cream cone, many people think that it was created at a world fair located in Saint Louis in 1904.

Ice Cream Facts 10: Ben and Jerry’s

One of the most respectable ice cream vendors in the world is Ben and Jerry’s. You can see 102 different inside scoops with 46 flavors here.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Based on the report in 2011, the American people ate 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream. What do you think on facts about ice cream?

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