10 Interesting KFC Facts

Thursday, May 22nd 2014. | Food

If you love to eat fried chicken, you need to know KFC facts. This franchise was established in 1930 in Corbin, Kentucky. That’s why this restaurant is called KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. The fried chicken is so delicious because it has a special recipe.  The recipe of KFC is safely kept in Louisville, KY. Here are the interesting facts about KFC.

KFC Facts 1: consumption

In US, the report states that there are at least 8 million people consume KFC in one day.

KFC Facts 2: Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders is the man behind KFC. He created KFC, the famous restaurant in the world. Actually his real name was Harland Sanders. He was a gas station manager.  He created the first KFC outside Sanders gas station. At first, it was called Sanders Court and Cafe. Check Kentucky facts here.

KFC bucket

KFC bucket

KFC Facts 3: Overseas KFC

Most KFCs can be found in United States because it is originated in Kentucky. The first KFC established outside United States is in London.

KFC Facts 4: PepsiCo

Do you know that KFC is owned by PepsiCo? In 1952, the first bucket of KFC was sold.

KFC delicious

KFC delicious

KFC Facts 5: secret recipe

The secret recipe of KFC was invented in 1940.  Until this present day, KFC still uses the special recipe. However, they fry the chicken with different type of oil. It is used to remove the trans fat from the chicken. Therefore, the chicken will be healthier for people.

KFC Facts 6: KFC products

Some people think that eating KFC is not good for the body. The version of sugar that you can find on KFC products increases the risk of having diabetes.

KFC facts

KFC facts

KFC Facts 7: salt

The salt used in KFC products is from the highly refined table salt. If you consume it in high dosage, you are prone to Alzheimer disease, kidney problem and high blood pressure.

KFC Facts 8: Monosodium Glutamate

Many people know that Monosodium Glutamate is not good for the health. Most KFC products are combined with MSG.  The high level of MSG in the body makes your brain dumb.

KFC pic

KFC pic

KFC Facts 9: Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Fast food is not good for our health. All people know it. The Partially Hydrogenated Oil used to fry the chicken can cause the heart problem.

KFC Facts 10: High cholesterol level

The high cholesterol level in your blood is not good for the health. If you consume a lot of chicken from KFC, you can increase the cholesterol level.



If you want to make sure that the health is not affected by the food that you consume, you need to limit the consumption of fried chicken. Are you interested with facts about KFC?

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