10 Interesting Pancake Facts

Sunday, September 21st 2014. | Food

Let’s find out the interesting Pancake Facts here. Pancake is one of the most common cakes served on the dining table. You can decorate the pancakes with honey, pink cream, strawberries and other fruits. The delicious pancake is also sold around the world. You have to check out the pancake facts below:

Pancake Facts 1: pancake Day

Do you know here Pancake Day is celebrated in the world? It is on 4th March. During the celebration, you can serve family and friends with the personal and special pancake recipe from your family.

Pancake Facts 2: everyone loves it

Pancake is one of the most popular cakes in the world. Everyone loves it whether they are kids, adults or senior people. People go crazy with pancake. You can fold, toss or flip it. If you want another food that people like a lot, check Lasagna facts.

pancake American

pancake American

Pancake Facts 3: the most watched pancake video

If you want to know the most watched video of pancake in You Tube, you can search the video of Pingu and his family making a pancake. It has been watched in 10 million times. Probably the video is very funny in cartoon character.

Pancake Facts 4: the biggest pancake

Have you ever seen the biggest pancake in the world? It was created in 1994 in Rochdale. The weight is 3 tones. The length is 15 m. If you eat the pancake, you can fill the body with 2 million calories.

pancake day

pancake day

Pancake Facts 5: the largest pancake

The record of the largest every made in the world comes in the diameter of 15 meters.

Pancake Facts 6: The pancake tradition

If you want to know one of the oldest pancake traditions, you can go to Olney, Buckinghamshire. The tradition begins with the housewives have a race by taking a frying pan and pancake on the church when they hear the sound of the bell church. The tradition is conducted on Shrove Tuesday. This race is very famous in the world since it can be traced back in 1445.

pancake facts

pancake facts

Pancake Facts 7: the first pancake

The first ever made pancake in the world was not used to be eaten by human being. It was used to feed the chicken in Midlands. The people at that time believed that the fertility of the chicken was increased by eating pancake.

Pancake Facts 8: the largest pancake breakfast

The record of the largest pancake breakfast in the world was taken by an event in 2012 in Springfield, America. There were 15,000 people participated in the event.

pancake pink

pancake pink

Pancake Facts 9: Orlando Vazques

Orlando Vazques is a Spanish baker who was famous with his pancake machine. In 2012, he made a record by making 1000 pancakes in one hour using the pancake machine.

Pancake Facts 10: Michael Goudeau

Michael Goudeau was an artist who created a unique pancake with a recreation of The Scream.



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