10 Interesting Pizza Facts

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Pizza Facts give you the detail information about one of the famous and delicious foods in the world.  Most American people like to eat pizza every single day. When you are at home and you have nothing to do, you will like to ask a pizza delivery. This pizza is often decorated with sausage, cheese, veggies and pepperoni. Here are the interesting facts about pizza:

Pizza Facts 1: National Pizza Month

Pizza is called as one of the most popular foods in United States. There is no need to wonder that one month in United States is used as the national Pizza month. It falls on October since 1987.

Pizza Facts 2: the amount of Pizza

Can you count the amount of pizza sold every year in United States? The report states that there are three billion pieces of pizza sold in the country. Do you know that one billion frozen pizzas are sold individually in US?

Pizza Fact

Pizza Fact

Pizza Facts 3: the industry

Due to the high demand of Pizza, the production of pizza in the country is called as an industry. It has the net worth of $30 billion.

Pizza Facts 4: the United States restaurant

The restaurants which serve pizza as the main menu in the country occupy 17 percent of all kinds of United States restaurants.

Pizza Facts

Pizza Facts

Pizza Facts 5: the order of pizza

People like to order pizza. When you are in United States, you can find a lot of restaurants serving the people with pizza. More than 93 percent of the American people eat pizza once in a month.

Pizza Facts 6: the toppings

There are many kinds of topping that you can choose for pizza.  Most women choose the vegetarian topping.  But the most popular topping is pepperoni. More than 36 percent of the people order pizza with pepperoni.

Pizza Small

Pizza Small

Pizza Facts 7: pizzeria

Pizza hut is not the first known pizzeria in the world. The first one is Antica Pizzeria. It was opened for the first time in 1738 in Naples, Italy. Check Naples Italy facts here.

Pizza Facts 8: super bowl

If the super bowl season comes, people eat more pizzas than any other foods. Each year, there are 23 pounds of pizza eaten by a person in US.

Pizza Topping

Pizza Topping

Pizza Facts 9: Gennaro Lombardi

Gennaro Lombardi was the owner of the first Pizzeria opened in United State. He had the first pizzeria in New York City in 1895.

Pizza Facts 10: the record

The largest rectangular pizza in the world was created in 2005 in Iowa Falls. The size of the pizza was 129 x 98.6 feet.



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