10 Interesting Nile River Facts

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The people who like to learn more about one of the important rivers in Africa can read Nile river facts below. Nile River is always related with the life of the ancient Egypt. Nile River blesses the people who live around the river. It can support the agricultural field for the people there. Here are the interesting facts about Nile River to learn:

Nile River Facts 1: The Longest River in the World

Nile River is considered as the longest river in the world. It has the length around 4132 miles or 6650 km.

Nile River Facts 2: Location

Nile River lies on several countries. The main location is on Africa. The countries passed by Nile River include Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Burundi, Eritrea, Tanzania, Eritrea, Egypt, Uganda, Sudan, and Rwanda. Another place to visit in Africa is seen on Mount Kilimajaro facts.

Nile River Exploration

Nile River Exploration

Nile River Facts 3: Ancient Egypt

Niles River is very important to the life of ancient Egypt. There are many historical events occurred on the ancient stories. The cities of Cairo and Luxor are around the river.

Nile River Facts 4: Nile Delta Region

The population of the people living in Nile Delta region is around 40 million. It is considered as half of the people in living in Egypt. Lok at the way of life in Egypt by reading Egypt facts.

Nile River Fact

Nile River Fact

Nile River Facts 5: White Nile Expedition

White Nile Expedition conducted in 2004. It was the first exploration which travelled along the Nile River.  The expedition finished in Rosetta and began in Uganda.  The explorer needed 4 months and 2 weeks to complete the exploration.

Nile River Facts 6: Nile Delta

Nile Delta is located at northern Egypt.  This is the location where Nile River will drain into the Mediterranean Sea.

Nile River Facts

Nile River Facts

Nile River Facts 7: Length of Nile Delta

The length of Nile Delta is around 100 miles or 160 kilometers. The delta runs on the coastline for about 149 miles or 240 kilometers.

Nile River Facts 8: Nile Delta Benefits

The Nile Delta has given the people with various benefits. Many people have made a farm around the delta. It is a source of the agricultural farms for thousand years.

Nile River in Egypt

Nile River in Egypt

Nile River Facts 9: City Of Rosetta

There was a big discovery in the Niles Delta. The well-known Rosetta stone was found in 1787.  This ancient item is used by many experts to learn more about the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Nile River Facts 10: Aswan High Dam

One of the main features in Nile River is the Aswan High Dam. It was constructed in 1970 to prevent flooding in Niles River. The water level in Niles River will be easily controlled by Aswan Dam.

Nile River Travel Routes

Nile River Travel Routes

Nile River also has a great view. If you like to visit Africa, Nile River can be on the list beside pyramid and safari land. Preserving the ecosystem around the Nile River is also important to maintain its benefits.  Do you want to share opinion on facts about Nile River?

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