10 Interesting Mount Kilimanjaro Facts

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Mount Kilimanjaro facts show you the important information that you need to consider about one of the famous mountains in Africa. Have you ever gone to Mount Kilimanjaro? Probably you have not because some people are not interested much to know this hot place. Let’s read the facts about the mountain in the post below:

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 1: Height of Mount Kilimanjaro

Many climbers all over the world are interested to climb and conquer the mountain. The first climbing is recorded in 1889. The mountain is located in African plains. It has the height at 20,000 feet.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 2: The Highest Mountain

Mount Kilimanjaro is considered as the highest free standing mountain in the world. In African, it is the highest mountain to climb.

Mount Kilimanjaro at Sunset

Mount Kilimanjaro at Sunset

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 3: Volcano Cones

The mountain still has the possibility to erupt because it has an active volcanic cone located on the highest peak. It is called as Kibo. The active kibo is still in dormant condition. Other volcanic cones in the Mount Kilimanjaro are Mawenzi and Shira. The last eruption of this mountain happened 360,000 years ago. If you want to know the landscape of Kilimanjaro, check desert facts.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 4: Uhuru Peak

The highest peak of kibo crater is called as Uhuru Peak. When you have conquered the highest peak, you can record your thought about this fascinating journey and submit it in a wooden box located on the top peak.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 5: Valtee Daniel

Valtee Daniel is the oldest man who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. This French man was 87 years old at that time.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 6: Ecological System

The ecological system in the Mount Kilimanjaro is diverse. In the mountain you can see the rain forest, alpine desert, moorland, arctic summit, cultivated land and heath. If you like visiting a hot place, read death valley facts.

Mount Kilimanjaro Scenery

Mount Kilimanjaro Scenery

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 7: Bruno Brunod

There is a record about the person who can conquer the summit in fast speed. It was the Italian Bruno Brunod who could reach the top peak in 5 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds in 2001.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 8: Shamsa Mwangunga

Shamsa Mwangunga was the National Resources and Tourism minister of Tanzania. This man concerned more about the possibility of erosion and water sources in Mount Kilimanjaro. In 2008, the minister announced that the base of the mountain will be plated with more than 4.8 million indigenous trees.

Mount Kilimanjaro View

Mount Kilimanjaro View

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 9: Snow Caps

Due to the global warming, the snow caps on the mountain are getting diminished. Since 1912, the snow caps on the mounting were declined up to 80 percent. Many scientists observe that they will vanish in the next 20 years.

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts 10: Bernard Goosen

Bernard Goosen is an inspirational man. This South African man has to live in a modified wheelchair. He conquered the mountain using his wheelchair and without any assistance. The first summit happened in 2003. It needed 9 days to reach the peak. The second one was only six days.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

Each year more than 25,000 climbers want to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Many climbers turn back because of the difficult altitude. Only 2/3 of them are successful. What do you think on facts about Mount Kilimanjaro?

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