10 Interesting Egyptian Facts

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Egyptian facts can be a fascinating story that you can tell to your kids in this weekend. Many people are curios when talking about the ancient Egypt. This country is filled with mystery for you will like to find out more about pharaoh, Sphinx, and mummy. All of them are part of ancient Egypt that you need to concern. Here are some facts about Egypt that you need to note.

Egyptian Facts 1: Pharaoh

One of the most important people in ancient Egypt culture is Pharaoh. In many pictures and description of pharaoh, you will see that he always hide his hair. He always wore nemes on his head. Nemes refers to the headdress or crown used on pharaoh’s head.

Egyptian Facts 2: Pepi II of Egypt

It seems that Pepi II of Egypt hate much with files. To avoid any flies around him, he would keep some naked slaves around his presence. Their body will be wiped with glued honey so that the flies will never bother him.

ancient egypt

ancient egypt

Egyptian Facts 3: Make Up

Makeup is not only important to use by Egyptian women but also men. There are two colors used for the makeup. The black color is made from lead, while the green one is made from copper. They think that make up has a curing power. Since Egypt is so hot, the makeup is great to save their skin from sunlight radiance.

Egyptian Facts 4: Mouldy Foods

Ancient Egypt will like to use the mouldy bread when they want to cure the patient with infection. The presence of antibiotic is used in 20th century.

egypt facts

egypt facts

Egyptian Facts 5: Clothes in Egypt

When it comes about clothes each country has their own style. The women in Egypt will love to wear dress, while the men will wear skirt.

Egyptian Facts 6: Clothes in Egypt for Kids

The little kids wear nothing before they reach the teenager’s age. Look at mummy facts to know more about mummification in Egypt.

Map of ancient egypt

Map of ancient egypt

Egyptian Facts 7: Egyptian Hair

When the Egyptian boys reached 12 years old, they shaved their hair and only left with one plaited lock. The adult who were from the rich and high class family wore wigs. Other people used their pig tails or long tails.

Egyptian Facts 8: Earth

When talking about earth, Egyptian people had their own belief. They think that an earth was in the shape of pancake. It was flat but it had round shape. The Nile River is believed to flow in the center of the earth.

Egyptian papyrus

Egyptian papyrus

Egyptian Facts 9: Egyptian Soldiers

Pharaoh in ancient Egypt was rich and famous because they used the Egyptian soldier to collect taxes from the people.

Egyptian Facts 10: First Pyramid

The first pyramid in Egypt is The Step Pyramid of Djoser. It was built in 2600 BC. The pyramid was equipped with 15 doors and the height of 34 feet. Get the detail info on pyramid facts.



The culture of Egypt always fascinates people. They love to learn more about this country for its mystery. When you have done reading the facts about Egypt, tell your children what you have known about it.

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