10 Interesting the Yellow River Facts

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The Yellow River Facts inform us about the sixth longest river in the world. In Asia, it takes the record as the third longest river. The length of the river is measured at 3,395 miles or 5,464 kilometers. There are nine provinces in China passed by the river. The origin of the flow is located in western China of Qinghai province.  The Bohai Sea is the last place to visit by the river. Check other facts about Yellow River below:

The Yellow River Facts 1: the total basin area

Yellow River has the total basin area at 286,659 square miles or 742,443 sq km. The basin is very important in the history of China. The origin of ancient Chinese civilization was located in Yellow River. During the beginning of Chinese history, the people lived wealthily in the regions along Yellow River.

The Yellow River Facts 2: the nickname

Yellow River received the nickname as China’s Sorrow and Scourge of the Sons of Han because of the regular floods.

the yellow river facts

the yellow river facts

The Yellow River Facts 3: the deadly floods

When people talk about deadly floods, they will think about Yellow River. There were 7 million people killed during the floods of Yellow River in 1332-1333.

The Yellow River Facts 4: the 1887 flood in Yellow River

There were around 900,000 to 2 million people killed during the flood of 1887 in Yellow River.

the yellow river flood

the yellow river flood

The Yellow River Facts 5: the flood of 1931

The recent floor occurred in 1931. There was one to 4 million people killed during the disaster.

The Yellow River Facts 6: the cause of floods

Do you know the causes of floods in Yellow River? The river carried the high amount of loess from Loess Plateau accumulated and affected the natural dams. The high level of water in the river finally burst into the towns, cities and farmland for it tries to find the way to the sea blocked by the enormous sediment of loess.

the yellow river images

the yellow river images

The Yellow River Facts 7: the flows of Yellow River

The regions passed by Yellow River include Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai. That is the course from the east to the west.

The Yellow River Facts 8: the mouth of Yellow River

Kenli, County, Shandong features the recent location of Yellow River’s mouth.

the yellow river

the yellow river

The Yellow River Facts 9: Tributaries

Some tributaries of Yellow River include Zuli River, White River, Dawen River, Wuding River, Qingshui River and Tao River.

The Yellow River Facts 10: the highest volume

In July to October, Yellow River usually has the highest volume of water.

the yellow river china

the yellow river china

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