10 Interesting Mosquito Facts

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Find out the information about the Mosquito Facts in the following post below. Many people hate mosquito because it can bite you and spread disease. You can find the animals living in damp and swampy places. Actually there are 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world. But only hundreds of them suck the blood of human being. Here are the complete facts about mosquito:

Mosquito Facts 1: female mosquitoes

If you think that all mosquitoes are dangerous, you are wrong. The male mosquitoes will never suck the blood of human being. They are fine with the plants only. The female mosquitoes have to suck the blood before they can lay the eggs.

Mosquito Facts 2: sucking up

When the female mosquitoes want to suck up the blood from out body, they will produce saliva. It is a form of an anti coagulant which enables the mosquitoes to suck the blood easily. The saliva is dangerous for it can create allergic. You can find redness or even itchy feeling on the skin.

Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Facts 3: place of living

The mosquitoes like to live in the cooler areas. The perfect time to avoid mosquitoes is during the day because the temperature is hot.

Mosquito Facts 4: four chemicals to repel mosquitoes

There are four types of chemicals that you can use to repel the mosquitoes based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those are Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, IR3535, Picaridin and DEET.

Mosquito Facts

Mosquito Facts

Mosquito Facts 5: eliminating mosquitoes

Eliminating mosquitoes from the world is a bad thing to do. Many scientists believe that it will ruin the ecosystem.  The insect is the main food for the fish, frogs, spiders and salamanders. Check insect facts here.

Mosquito Facts 6: what makes mosquitoes come to you?

Mosquitoes are attracted the persons with breath and sweat because it contains lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and octenol.  The humidity and hot temperature in the body can also attract mosquitoes. They also like sucking the blood of the beer drinkers.

Mosquito Images

Mosquito Images

Mosquito Facts 7: Malaria

Malaria is the common disease caused by mosquitoes. There are at least 250 million people infected by malaria in the world. There are 1 million people died because of the disease. Most of the victims are living in Africa.

Mosquito Facts 8: George and Martha Washington

Do you know that the former president and first lady of Unite states suffered from Malaria infection? George got his infection when he was in teenage years.

Mosquito Pictures

Mosquito Pictures

Mosquito Facts 9: smell of chocolate

If you want to distract the mosquitoes, you can use the smell of the fruity or minty caramel chocolate.

Mosquito Facts10: mosquito buzz

The mosquito buzz is very disturbing especially when you are sleeping. This condition occurs because we exhale carbon dioxide which attracts the mosquitoes to come closer.



If you want to stay away from the mosquito bite, you can use lotion whenever you go out in the forest, parks or garden. Are you impressed with facts about mosquito?

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