10 Interesting Sea Cucumber Facts

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If you want to know the animal included in the class Holothuroidea, check Sea Cucumber Facts. This echinoderm lives in the sea.  Sea cucumber has an elongated body with leathery skin and gonad. You can find this marine animal living on the sea floor in the world. In Asian Pacific region, the species of sea cucumber is around 1,717. Find out more interesting facts about sea cucumber below:

Sea Cucumber Facts 1: the function of sea cucumber

Sea cucumber is very important for human being. Some people hunt sea cucumber for aquaculture system, while others hunt it for human consumption.  You can go to the sea food restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes made of sea cucumber.

Sea Cucumber Facts 2: the marine ecosystem

Sea cucumber plays an important role in the marine ecosystem. This animal breaks down organism matter, detritus and recycles nutrients. Then the degradation process will be continued by the bacteria.

Sea Cucumber Facts

Sea Cucumber Facts

Sea Cucumber Facts 3: the harvested product

The harvested product of sea cucumber is called in different terms. Some people call it balate, while other may call it beche-de-mer or trepang.

Sea Cucumber Facts 4: an endoskeleton

Just below the skin of sea cucumber, you can find out an endoskeleton. This structure can be used to form armor or flattened plates in some species of sea cucumber.

Sea Cucumber Food

Sea Cucumber Food

Sea Cucumber Facts 5: the skeleton

The absence of skeleton can be seen in Pelagothuria natatrix. This sea cucumber does not have calcareous ring.

Sea Cucumber Facts 6: the name

The sea cucumber reminds you with vegetable.  If you think that sea cucumber is a plant, you are wrong. It is an animal which resembles the vegetable cucumber.

Facts about Sea Cucumber

Facts about Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber Facts 7: the average size of sea cucumber

In average, the sea cucumber has the length around 3.9 to 11.8 inches or 10 to 30 cm.

Sea Cucumber Facts 8: the smallest and largest species

The largest species of sea cucumber can reach the length at 9.8 feet or 3 meter, while the smallest one is 0.12 inches or 3 mm.

Sea Cucumber Color

Sea Cucumber Color

Sea Cucumber Facts 9: the brain

Talking about the nerve system, sea cucumber does not have any true brain. The oral cavity is surrounded by a ring of neural tissue. The nerves will be sent to the pharynx and tentacles. Get facts about sea anemone here.

Sea Cucumber Facts 10: the species of sea cucumber

Enypniastes resembles the appearance of jellyfish. Therefore, some people are often mistaken this sea cucumber with jellyfish.  This animal can swim from the seafloor due to the webbed body structure.

Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Are you interested with facts about sea cucumber?

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