10 Interesting Pig Facts

Friday, September 13th 2013. | Animals

Pig facts below bring you the interesting facts about the pink colored animal. Many people think that pigs are stupid. They are wrong about it because pigs are included as the intelligent animals.  Pigs are omnivorous animals. They like eating other animals and plants. To find out more about pigs, look at the following explanation below:

Pig Facts 1: Smell

The smelling sense of the animals is great. They can use the snout to smell the things around them. It is also functional to use as the tool to find the food. Without the snout it will be difficult for the pigs to hunt the prey.

Pig Facts 2: Pigs in the World

Pig is just like chicken. It is considered as a good commodity in the farm. It is estimated that there are two billion pigs in the world. Many people like to eat pig meat. They usually pick the ham, bacon and pork. You can compare it with chicken facts here.

Pig and Baby Pigs

Pig and Baby Pigs

Pig Facts 3: Pets

While other people have pigs to use as the food for human being, some of them have pigs as their favorite pets at home. Look at bunny facts to know another nice pet.

Pig Facts 4: Wild Pigs

Boar is often called as the wild pig.  This animal is hunted by the people to get its meat. Not only human hunts this animal. There are many tigers searching a boar for food.

Pig Fact

Pig Fact

Pig Facts 5: Size

Even though most pigs come in medium and big size, the animals have a very small lung to breathe.

Pig Facts 6: Feral Pigs

The local ecosystem comes is in danger because for the introduction of feral pigs in some areas. When you eat pigs, you need to be careful. Ensure that it is cooked well because pigs can transform a wide variety of diseases to human beings.



Pig Facts 7: Lifestyle of Pigs

It seems that pigs love to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. When they live in a natural environment, pigs like to explore the surrounding area, play and sunbathing.  The people who have a farm report that pigs enjoy getting massage, playing and listening to the music.

Pig Facts 8: Communication

There are at least 20 types for vocalization that people can identify when pigs want to communicate.



Pig Facts 9: Running Speed

The running speed of an adult pig is estimated around 11 miles an hour. Pigs have a good sense for direction. They can find the way home easily.

Pig Facts 10: Food

When pigs eat their food, they will eat it slowly. It is important for them to savor the food. Pigs know where the food usually will be distributed and located.

cute pigs

cute pigs

People are wrong when they think that pigs are not sophisticated animals. The cognitive ability of the animals can make people impressed if they want to get closer with pigs. Have you understood all facts about pigs above?

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