10 Interesting Insect Facts

Wednesday, April 9th 2014. | Animals

Check out insect facts if you want to know the unique animal in the world. Insects are the small, tiny and little creatures which sometimes make people angry and upset. When you get bitten by an insect, you will swear them.  There are myriads kinds of insects in the world. All of the have different features and parts. Let’s learn about insect by reading the following post below:

Insect Facts 1: species

Can you tell me the number of the insect species on earth? The scientists believe that there are 6 to 10 million insect species.

Insect Facts 2: parts of body

The main parts of body that you can see on insects include head, abdomen and the thorax. Insects have three pairs of leg and two antennas.

Insect Eyes

Insect Eye

Insect Facts 3: cold blooded animal

You are wrong if you think that insects are the warm blooded animals. Insects are cold blooded animals just like reptiles.

Insect Facts 4: silkworm

Not all of insects in the world make human being upset. One of the most beneficial insects is the silkworm. The animal can produce silk. The fabric created from silkworm is very expensive. It is considered as the best quality fabric that people in the high class status love to wear it.

Insect facts

Insect facts

Insect Facts 5: social colonies

There are some insects living in organized social colonies. Some of them include ants, termites and bees.

Insect Facts 6: spiders

Many people are wrong by thinking that spider is included as an insect.

Insect Head

Insect Head

Insect Facts 7: bees

Another beneficial insect in the world is bee. This animal can be found everywhere whether it is in Australia, America or Asia. However, you will never find bees in Antarctica.

Insect Facts 8: honey bee

Bees can produce honey.  Human being uses honey for many purposes. In the beauty world, honey can be used to smoothen skin and moisturize hair. In the health world, honey can be used to increase the immune system, cure flu and treat the irritation.

Insect Lady Bug

Insect Lady Bug

Insect Facts 9: gerridae

Gerridae is a unique insect. This animal is also called as water strider. This insect can walk on the surface of the water.

Insect Facts 10: communication of ants

Do you know the way ants communicate with other ants in the colonies? The ants will send the chemical signal by using their pheronomones.



If you want to know the insects which can make the sound up to 120 decibels, you need to meet cicadas. Are you wondered with facts about insects?

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