10 Interesting Parrot Facts

Thursday, September 25th 2014. | Animals

If you like to learn about different types of bird, you have to read Parrot Facts. By reading the following post, you will find out the diet, species, life span and color of parrot. Many children like to have a parrot as their pet. Here are the detail facts about parrot for you:

Parrot Facts 1: place of living

Most parrots are spotted on the tropical area. You can find 372 different species of parrot in the world. It can live for more than 80 years.

Parrot Facts 2: color

If you look at the pictures of parrot, you can find that most of them have bright colors. They can come in combination of red, blue, green and yellow. The interesting features on the physical appearance of parrot include the strong legs, curved bills, and clawed feet.

Parrot Colors

Parrot Colors

Parrot Facts 3: intelligence

Do you know that parrot is believed to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world? You will be impressed to find out that some species of parrot can imitate the human voice.

Parrot Facts 4: diet

The main food that parrots includes buds, seeds, fruits, and nuts.   Some species of parrots eat the soft fruits and floral nectar such as lorikeets and Lories. Other species like to eat carrion and animals.

Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts 5: exploitation

Parrot has been a subject to exploitation in the recent day because of the increased popularity of parrot as a pet. People like to trap and hunt parrots in the wild area. Therefore, the wild population is threatened.

Parrot Facts 6: the claws

The claws of parrots are very strong and sharp. They are very useful when the parrots want to swing or climb the trees. Find out another interesting bird in Mockingbird facts.

Parrot flies

Parrot flies

Parrot Facts 7: range of parrots

Parrots live in the subtropical and tropical continents. They live in Central America, South Asia, Oceania, Australia, Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The endemic species of parrots live in Pacific and Caribbean Island.

Parrot Facts 8: The Lories and lorikeets

The Lories and lorikeets can be found living in Philippines, Sulawesi, French Polynesia, and Australia.

Parrot Pic

Parrot Pic

Parrot Facts 9: the temperate areas

There are few species of parrots living in temperate areas such as in New Zealand and South America.

Parrot Facts 10: eggs

Can you guess the color of parrot egg? It comes in white color. The incubation will be the responsibility of female parrots in most species.



The incubation process will take around 17 to 35 days. Do you want to give opinion on facts about parrots?

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