10 Interesting Mussel Facts

Saturday, August 16th 2014. | Animals

Find out the information about one of the unique animal in the world in Mussel Facts. Do you know that mussels can live up to 50 years? But you can find out mussels which only live in two years. They are the brown mussels. Check the following post below for details facts about mussels:

Mussel Facts 1: the freshwater mussels

The freshwater mussels are very important for human being. You can get pearls from the animals.

Mussel Facts 2: difference of cultured and wild mussels

Many people cannot distinguish the cultured and wild mussels. The cultured mussels have shining blue black shells. The wild mussels have white erosion marks and dull bluish color on the shells.

Mussel Delicious

Mussel Delicious

Mussel Facts 3: dog whelk

The dog whelk is the main enemy of mussels. The animals like to suck the inside part of the mussels. They do it by boring a hole on the mussel shell.

Mussel Facts 4: cultivation of mussels

You do not need to be surprised with mussel cultivation. It actually occurred for more than 800 years ago in Europe. Mussels are not only used for producing pearls but also for the ingredient in some cuisines.

Mussel Facts

Mussel Facts

Mussel Facts 5: byssus

Byssus is a term used to call the beard of mussels. The byssus is very important for mussels because it help them to attach the shell on the surface. When people want to cook mussels, they have to remove the byssus.

Mussel Facts 6: cooking fresh mussels

When people want to cook the fresh mussels, they have to steam them first in 6 minutes. The shells will be opened after they were steamed. You can find liquid from the steamed mussels. You do not have to add water in the steaming process.

Mussel Food

Mussel Food

Mussel Facts 7: sex of mussels

You can distinguish the sex of mussels by looking at the color.  The warm colored mussels usually are female. The pale white color is linked with male mussels.

Mussel Facts 8: an alternative in recipe

When you make a cuisine and you do not have any oysters or even clams, you can choose mussels as the alternative. Find out clam facts here.



Mussel Facts 9: Mytilus Edulis

Mytilus Edulis is the scientific name of the blue mussels. This type of mussels can be found in British Isles and Scotland.

Mussel Facts 10: chitin

Mussels are beneficial in the beauty world. The shellfish contains chitin which can be used to produce hair care products and moisturizers.



The size of mussels depends on the season. The smallest mussels are in March, while the largest ones are in October. Are you fascinated with facts about mussel?

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