10 Interesting Bottlenose Dolphins Facts

Tuesday, November 26th 2013. | Animals

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts indeed are sufficient information provided to people who really want to gain good quality of knowledge related to such animal. Without understanding about the facts, you may suffer from problems indeed in how to notice about certain things that you may never know. Therefore you need to understand better about it.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 1: mammals

If what we discuss here is about bottlenose dolphin, you may notice that such animal is categorized to mammals which mean that they may nurse from the mother’s mammary glands. It has become common knowledge indeed.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 2: swimming ability

Next fact which any people should know about bottlenose dolphin is about the way such animal can swim into the ocean. The fact is that bottlenose dolphin can conduct swimming below the surface of the sea or ocean for up to 260 meters.

bottlenose dolphin

bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 3: diving

In fact, bottlenose dolphins really like to dive to the ocean for about 15 minutes. Sometimes, such animal also may go up to the land as well. Therefore we often see such animal go up to the land on any circus out there.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 4: echolocation

Do you ever hear about echolocation? It is about the technique in how bottlenose dolphins may conduct effort to find their food and in order to conduct navigation. It means that they may send ultrasound which may come back to them to provide information ahead.

bottlenose dolphins

bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 5: social

In hunting the food, you may recognize that such animal is really social compared to others. The fact is that such animal may conduct team works to achieve their hunting success. The teamwork also applies for the calf rising method actually.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 6: size

If it is about the size, you may notice that such animal can grow up to 2.8 meters. Although the majority of bottlenose dolphins are regular in size, some species can indeed grow more than killer whale.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 7: warm blooded

You may find out that bottlenose dolphins really are warm blooded animal. You may notice that the temperature is around 36º. Such animal may gain protection from cold by taking benefit from the fat under the belly.

bottlenose dolphins facts

bottlenose dolphins facts

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 8:  brain weight

If you conduct review above, you may notice that such animal has certain weight of 1500-1600 grams. It means that such animal has larger size of brain compared to human indeed. It means that dolphins have the potential to become so much intelligence compared to human.

bottlenose dolphins jumping

bottlenose dolphins jumping

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 9: great communicators

If fact, you may notice that such animal can send up the signals to each others to share information about something especially food.

Bottlenose Dolphins Facts 10: speed

Bottlenose dolphins have the speed in swimming up to 5-12 kilometers per hour.

bottlenose dolphins Swim

bottlenose dolphins Swim

Learning about animal will always become interesting activity for any people. Simply by learning facts about bottlenose dolphins people can gain good information related to such animal.

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