10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Monday, October 20th 2014. | Animals

One of the deadly fish is explained in Piranha Facts. Have you ever meet this fish? You have to be careful because piranha likes to eat meat.  You can find them spreading around the water and rivers in South and North America. Let’s find out the detail facts about piranha in the following post below:

Piranha Facts 1: the size

Piranha is not a big sized fish. It has medium or small size. They like living in the river and warm lakes in North America. The people in Bangladesh can spot the fish in Kaptai Lake.

Piranha Facts 2: the word

The word piranha is derived from the language of the indigenous people in Amazon.  In English, piranha means fish tooth. The animals are not included in an endangered animal. There are 30 to 60 known species of piranha.

Piranha Facts

Piranha Facts

Piranha Facts 3: body color

Can you tell me the body color of a piranha? It has silver colored body. You can find the red patches all over the body. Since they live in a muddy river, the animals often use the red patches as the camouflage.

Piranha Facts 4: weight and length

Let’s find out the weight and length of a piranha. It has the weight of 7.7 pounds and the length of 5.5 till 17 inches.

Piranha Fish

Piranha Fish

Piranha Facts 5: omnivore

If you think that a piranha is a carnivore, you are totally wrong. This animal is included as an omnivore. It means that piranha likes to eat plants and animals. The main diet of piranha includes fish, snails, seed, plants, aquatic animals and fruits. When the birds or mammals fall on the water, they will eat them.

Piranha Facts 6: strong teeth

You can find that the teeth of piranha are arranged in a single row. They have pointed and sharp teeth which can bite the meat easily. The fish only needs 5 to 10 seconds to crush the human hand.

Piranha Pic

Piranha Pic

Piranha Facts 7: the benefits of Piranha’s teeth

The teeth of piranha are very strong and sharp. Therefore, many indigenous and local people often use the teeth to make tools and weapons.

Piranha Facts 8: detecting blood

If you are injured and have a lot of blood all over the skin, you have to be careful because piranha can detect it easily. This fish is just like shark. Both have the special sensory organ to detect the blood inside the water.

Piranha teeth

Piranha teeth

Piranha Facts 9: cannibals

Do you know that piranha likes to eat their own species? Therefore, it is called as a cannibal animal.

Piranha Facts 10: the female piranha

The female piranha can lay more than 5000 eggs. 90 percent of them can survive. Find out fish facts here.



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