10 Interesting Tarantula Facts

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Tarantula Facts tell you about a group of hairy arachnids. There are 900 species which have been classified by the scientists. Tarantula belongs to Theraphosidae family of spiders. Tarantula is considered as an exotic pet for some people. Many people think that Tarantula is a dangerous animal. Most species of tarantula are not harmful. Get facts about tarantula below:

Tarantula Facts 1: the various species of Tarantula

There are various species of Tarantula which occur in Central America, United States, and South America. It can be found in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Tarantula Facts 2: the prey

Tarantula will go to the trees to hunt the prey. They also reach the ground to get the food. This animal feeds on insects and arthropods as the primary foods. The small snakes, mice, lizards and birds are the prey eaten by the bigger tarantulas.



Tarantula Facts 3: silk

The silk is generated by all species of tarantulas. The burrow wall will be stabilized by the terrestrial tarantula species. It lines the burrows with silk. Due to the presence of silk, the tarantula can climb up and down to the burrows easily.

Tarantula Facts 4: the mouth of tarantula

Let’s find out the location of tarantula’s mouth. It is situated under the chelicerae. The opening of the mouth is in a short straw shape. Due to the shape of the mouth, it can only take the liquid food. That’s why the food should be predigested and crushed.

Tarantula Facts

Tarantula Facts

Tarantula Facts 5: the location of the brain

The location of the brain or central nervous system is at the bottom of inner prosoma. The setae are the sensory organ used by the animal to sense the surroundings.

Tarantula Facts 6: the hunting method

When tarantula wants to hunt the prey, it detects the movement of the prey through the vibration. The hunting method is not relied on the eyes.

Tarantula Pic

Tarantula Pic

Tarantula Facts 7: the function of setae

The function of setae is various such as to sense the vibration, sound, direction, and chemical signatures. Check skunk facts here.

Tarantula Facts 8: the eyes

Even though tarantula has eyes, it can only distinguish motion, darkness and light.

Facts about Tarantula

Facts about Tarantula

Tarantula Facts 9: the difference of eyes

The better vision is owned by the arboreal tarantulas than the terrestrial tarantulas. Get facts about sugar glider here.

Tarantula Facts 10: the blood

The blood of tarantula is not a true blood. That’s why the blood of this animal is unique. Haemolymph or hemolymph is the term used to call the blood of tarantula. The blood or liquid is not enclosed by erythrocytes.

Tarantula Pictures

Tarantula Pictures

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